PS3 arcade stick 16.99 + free shipping

it looks like shit, but maybe the pcb is useful

That’s pretty damn cheap, hopefully the buttons aren’t soldered on to the pcb (especially considering the slightly odd button layout).

Pity free shipping doesn’t apply to Australia.

Yikes! Do not want.

Watch the video on that site. Holy shit that thing is smaller than I thought. There’s no way you’d be able to change ANYTHING in that stick. It’s honestly as big as a PS3 controller.

Wow this thing makes Mayflash look like professional gamer choice :smiley:

Here’s hoping the PCB is common ground. That’s the only way I could see this being useful to the community.

airplane stick anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you even put in a microswitch joystick for that price?

And why am I so tempted to find out? :bgrin:

I’m calling it. “Stick” is actually a lever attached to a d-pad.

Hell I’ll use this thing just for the PCB. for 16 bucks you can’t go wrong for a soldering job like that.

Hopefully one of you guys can post a pic of the PCB for the rest of us :slight_smile:

At $16 this could potentially be the cheapest ps3 padhack available. I might gamble on it if it’s still available by Wednesday.

Also, if someone grabs this, can you test it on the PC? Thanks!

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit stick building.”

That thing looks exactly like the “Dreamgear Arcade Fighter Micro”: