Ps2: two controllers to control player 1?

i want to have control of my player one port of my ps2 with both the controller and joystick. the reason is because i have an arcade cabinet that is connected to my ps2 and the cabinet has the standard 6 button layout with 1p start button. i kind of need my other controls for maneuvering around menus and stuff like L1, L2, and select buttons. just wondering if there is a dongle that splits the controller port to use two controllers for one port

At the same time, or with a switch to toggle between control panel controls/pad controller? Doing a switch wouldn’t be hard. Doing then simultaneously, that’d be hard.

simultaneously would be godlike and practical, but i would guess a switch would work as well. are there any out there? ive seen a few here with db25 headers but i would prefer to stick with the ps2 header

I doubt you’ll find anything like that prebuilt. It’d take some hacking on your part, specifically a couple a PSX extension cords and a SPDT toggle switch.

i am using this:

each playstation header is for each controller port, 1p and 2p (input)
would it be possible to just cut one end of an extension cord and make a splice onto one of the header? if power is in question, can i use the usb port to run power to the extension-to-controller?

i was thinking… i have a playstation to usb adapter… if i buy an extension cord, i can plug the female side from the adapter and male side from the extension cord safely for power, then splice the control functions for the controller to what you see above, provided that the usb port supplies constant power to anything plugged to it (i have a fat ps2). that way, my controller isn’t hacked up, and i dont have some ghetto pos wiring hanging from the usb port

Why cant you just cut the playstation end off of both controllers and then wire them both to just one end?