Ps2 to Wii Converters

Now, I bought a cheap ps2 to wii converter and it appeared to work as it brought up the menu once I plugged in the ps2 controller. However, the D-Pad or any of the buttons do not work.


Was using the Nubytech street fighter pad.

Other than the mayflash converter, the only other converter I found was this.

Keep in mind I plan on using this on the Wii U with Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

I have the same converter as first linked and it works fine for both the Dualshock 2 PS2 controller, and the Dualshock PS controller. I’m assuming that your street fighter pad might not be compatible?

I would assume so, the wii u menu pops up when I plug it in. I have no other Ps2 controllers to honestly test. Sold my Ps2 half a decade ago(still kept the games when the ps3 did have backwards compatibility)

I believe it does work, but I don’t think the dpad or any buttons are being recognized. That or it’s busted… have like 5 of them, they can’t all be busted now can they? especially when they were sealed.

Ordered the mayflash adapter, going to try and find another one as I really want to play tekken with the traditional layout that I’m used to.