Ps2 to rgb cable

I’ve seen several threads on ps2 to vga cables, but I have an old crt projector with dsub 25pin rgb input that I’d like to hookup to ps2. For the life of me, I can’t find a tutorial on how to make one of these cables. Can anyone help?

If you can find a scph-10130 cable to hack, you’ll be off to a great start, because every signal is wired in this adapter. You can also start with a scart cable since they are easier to find and also come with a capacitor on each of the RGB lines, to amplify the video signal.

You’ll also need to buy a LM1881 chip to strip the sync signal from the composite line. I’ve made one before and this site helped me alot…

Yo man, I think I got something to get you going until you get your cable built.

We are going to need to make a VGA/15-pin to 25-pin adapter cable though.

I’ll bring a VGA cable if you can come up with the 25 pin solder-on connector. :tup:

Thanks a lot guys, and no problem on the 25pin dsub.

Edit: Alright, I’m in business with this now. As was said, everything is laid out pretty well on the gamesx site, but if anyone else in my boat has problems, I’ll be happy to help out.