Ps2 to Neo Geo Converters

I’ve been looking around for ages with no success…

Is there actual converters which will allow you to play ps1 or ps2 pads on Neo geo system?

or the other way round like Neo geo to ps2?

relevant information if they do exist or maybe some site links on were to buy them would be greatly appreciated (scratch that url they’re sold out)

Now does anyone know how to mod it so I can use it for 6 button games?

I have used these adapters. They work fine for 4 button games (although it only maps X, Triangle, Square, and Circle–you can’t map shoulder buttons to do anything). The PCB itself is programmed to only do 4 buttons, so there is no possible way to mod it to output 6 buttons, you’d have to create a completely new PCB.

So, 4 buttons ok (can’t use shoulder buttons)
6 buttons - impossible.

guess my best bet is to mod an agetec then.

There are six button neogeo games?

Nope, but a lot of superguns use the neogeo pinout + 2 of the unused pins for Street Fighter layouts.

Does anyone have one these for sale?