Ps2 to 360 without spending 80 dollors?

In have a great PS2 stick and WII and PS3 converter is there a way to play for xbox 360 also? The ports look like a normal usb port. So could I use my PS2 to usb on a 360?. At work so I cant test atm.

No. Microsoft has tough security to prevent any unapproved third-party peripherals from being used with the 360.

You can either shell out the $60+ for an XFPS converter (which might lag depending on your stick, requires a wired 360 controller to also be plugged in, and is of course expensive), or do the dual PCB mod so that your stick is PS2/360.

^ Not sure where your link is going to. Try this one.

BE CAREFUL! My stick is made with a PSX PCB (dark grey with square connector) and it DID NOT work with the XFPS sniper 3.0 plus (Whatever the newest version is STRAIGHT OFF AMAZON).