Ps2 slim cant read disks

Ps1 cds and dvds dont even spin.Ps2 spins but cant be read.It says no disc found.The lens lights up and shit.Something like this happened with my ps1 but something had fried so the lens wasnt getting power.Its not the same issue here.Any one have suggestions.Only things i could google was stuff for the original ps2 not the slim.

You might as well by another PS2. Depending on the problem often times you can spend a little more than repairing it and get a whole new one. Unless your current PS2 has some goodies inside that let you play special discs :wgrin:

Sounds like you’re another victim of Sony’s rubbish 7-volt slimline laser (as opposed to the 12V in the “chubby”). Worst piece of gaming hardware ever. The laser in slimline models is under-volted, and as such when re-reading dirty/scratched discs, has a good chance of blowing (V=IR, so when volts go down, amps go up, and boom!).

As mentioned, often repairing it will cost you more than buying a new one. Sad but true. If it’s still under warranty, then get it swapped ASAP. If not, them I’m afraid you’re up for a new laser assembly (if you have some soldering skills and are willing to do it yourself), or a whole new PS2.

I’d almost be tempted to recommend grabbing a second hand “chubby” PS2 with a proper 12V laser that won’t blow on you after reading a dozen scratched discs.

Slimlines make me so angry…

I’d love to fix it myself.I was just hoping i wouldnt have to take anything apart.Looks like i have to.I have no warranty on this thing anymore.BUt i’m not bad with soldering so its cool.Thaks for your hlp.

I cleaned my PS2 I did work

My old original Playstation read can’t CD-Blue only error. I tried clean laser lens. My old PS2 is succssed read Cd-blue so i can play MvsC 2 games and Virtual Fighters 4 and Half-Life. :lovin:
Whew. I have my experience about I bought special Repair Kit and CD Cleaning Kit CD. This is cause laser can’t read. I threw Repair Kit and CD Cleaning. If CD scratched is aviod and throw in a gargebag.

I have this problem with mine too, but mine is the bulky ps2. You can try it out if you want.

What I do is open it up, take a cue-tip and put some rubbing alcohol on it. Then use that a wipe the lens a couple of times and let it dry. Usually after this my ps2 will start reading the games again. Once it starts screwing up again…i just do it all again. It’s a pretty quick process and it’s worth a shot.

my bulky ps2 lens just died out on me. when I put in a disc such as Street Fighter AE it reads it half way to the point you can pick which game to play but after that it freezes and makes skipping noises then return back to error screen. another thing I have been using swap magic for 2 years now. am I’m pretty much fucked?

i’m convinced the ps2 was just built to die, thats why sony can claim such ridiculously high sales figures. if you want a laugh, go on ebay and search “broken ps2”, you’ll never see less than a 100 of them at any given time (155 ATM).

and before i get flamed, i’m on my fourth ps2 :sad: but my nes still works fine.

I’ve been using the same fatty ps2 for 5 years now. Still runs pretty well, but I do get the occasional DRE/Red screen.

My broken PS2 fatty can’t read all disc. I can’t remeber I ordered new a chip laser from Hong Kong. it’s pretty expensive about $75 with shipped. I fixed my PS2 fatty is second life! :tup: