PS2,PC,PS3 stick?

Is there a reasonably price decent arcade stick avaible for PS2 that I can hook up to PC and PS3 without any lag on inputs?

parts aren’t the greatest but you can mod it

You can go with a stock Hori Tekken 5 stick. You would need to use a PS2 to PS3 adapter to use it on PS3 and PC though.

But the words “Reasonably Priced” and “Decent Stick” don’t really go in the same sentence together. You pretty much get what you pay for with arcade sticks.

well how long would you say the mayflash would last with stock parts?

Might last a long time, but there is always more variation with crappier parts. You may want to check if mayflash offers a year warranty or something, because I wouldnt expect it to last that long with frequent use.