PS2 is Dead...

My PS2 has a problem I have not heard of while searching the internet tubes and I figured someone here may be able to answer it.

What it does it that the PS2 actually reads the disc, breathing kinda heavily with lots of whirs and whatnot and it’ll load it up to the PS2 logo and then it’ll go right back to the browser. Today out of curiosity I tried it out again. By some miracle of electronics it worked again. I got to play some GGAC and Anniversary Edition on my brand spankin’ new stick! I messed around in both for about an hour… Tried again just now to pick up where I was in MK Shaolin Monks and… It goes right back to doing the same thing. Does the God of Electronics just hate me or is this a problem I can fix?

It’s worth noting that it’s an old fatty (2001 I believe…) and I have been using Swap Magic on it the time before it died and just today. Aside from that there has been abnormal treatment of the console.

My eternal gratitude will go to anyone who can help me reunite with this beautiful console and all the unfinished games I have…

maybe the laser is desynch, i dunno how to adjust it, but that happened to me time ago, i went to some guy in a flea market and he readjust the laser and worked flawlessly

Maybe its a form of the disc read error problem? Try using fixes for DRE. It might do the trick

I fixed this error myself about 2 months ago using this guide.

It works. Get Hype! It’s not too hard either.

I threw mine last year to the garbage and get the slim new one which is cheaper and better than the old one. the average console’s life-time is five years after that it will have many unsolved problems perhaps you can fix some but you cannot get it to an optimal condition. Either buying a new one or wasting your time trying to fix the sick old man it’s up to you.

Well, the thing is… One thing that’s necessary is the ability to play imports and I already have a Swap Magic + Slide Tool so I’m well equipped for that. Are the flip tops difficult to work with?

I’m gonna try cleaning it soon. I’ve actually done it before but it’s been a few years since I cleaned the disc last.

hey there, from my personal experience with the old fat ps2 and slide tool is that it messes up the laser some how using the slide tool, cause I had a new fat ps2 go out after about 6 months when i started using the slide tool with it.

So my conclusion was that the slide tools somehow messed up the fat ps2:looney:

fastforward to the future 2007-now 2008
I got a slim ps2 used some tape crazy glue and a lil paper since this ps2 already has the flip top default all I do open put swap disc then turn power on wait for swap logo switch and play:rock: been doing this for more than half a year and my laser is still healthy:rock:

Forget the cleaning you may need to replace the laser in your old PS2 to get it to work again the problem is you need someone who can get the new laser for your old PS2 and know how to install it. The old PS2 is a good console and the new one is even much more better, the only thing that can break it is the time because time destroys everything and you can assume that the same will happen to the PS3 years from now. There is no perfect console and the problems have to occur later even with the ultimate care.

maybe change the title of thread to MY PS2 is dead?

I have had good results using a CD cleaner. One of those CDs that has an actual brush on it. Worked for me before and may be worth a shot.