PS2 inside a PC tower... hit a snag

I recently started building a new PC and I want to wire my PS2 Slim inside the case. At the moment its all going well, the PCB and everything is exactly how I want it in the PC but the issue is getting the disc in without opening the tower door. To remedy this, I want to have a separate disc drive in the tower that will work with the PS2. From what I understand the PS2 has just a CD/DVD Rom drive in it. So my question is this.

Is it possible to wire a standard PC CD/DVD disc drive to a PS2? Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks guys.

I would actually go the route that involves cutting a square hole on the left side or top of the tower for the fliptop to come out.

That or attempt to take the drive assemby out of the PS2 and mount it on a custom slide out tray to take up one or two drive slots. I would hack up the case of the PS2 and extend what ever wires are used to connect it to the PS2 Mainboard. If you go to digikey you might find a ribbon cable to extend the cd drive.

Pictures of what you got so far would help.

Found a picture of the laser unit.;leftCol