Ps2 gamepad pcb cable

can somebody post a pic of the PS2 gamepad pcb with its cable ?
I need to see how the cable (the black long one) is linked to the pcb thx :wgrin:


can you tell me if the normal ps2 cable can be linked to this pcb:

Look for the control you want there

i c but i cant find what i m looking for there…
i mean i cant find if the ps2 original cable can be linked/fit to my pcb :slight_smile: [i post a pic in the OP]

EDIT: Found the pics on that website…thx
EDIT2: nope,can’t find that… anyone with this h ?

here where it’s going to be put:

the ps2 cable that i have now has these color set:

brown,orange,grey,black,white,yellow,blue,green ( i think)

can you tell me if the original ps2cable has that color set and the size of the white thing that has to be put on the white space of my pcb (as in the photo)?

this evening i will post the photo of the actual pcb with my ps2 cable so you can tell me right :slight_smile:

what board is that?

Check here. I think this is what you’re looking for:

I think the PS2 controllers still have the same layout as the PSX, but you may want to check in Google just to make sure.

BTW, those are some pretty cool looking joysticks they got on that website Not sure why people are holding back about posting about that place haha. If I’m not mistaken, that website is Chinese so I’d have no idea how to order. But plexiglass for artwork and all. I’m curious about the price and what materials they are using (probably not Sanwa from what I can see).

the board is made by that website
i already posted a topic about it in this section ^^
it’s from china…if u do a search u can find the topic with prices,components etc ^

here’s the pic of my pcb now:_
any help?

please any advice about that? :expressionless:

i know that i’m a pain in the ass but i know that a lot of ppl here is using the ps2 pcb with its ps2 cable so please help me out :slight_smile:

It depends on which PS2 controller you have. See Slagcoin for the full list:

Even IF you have late model A that seems to have the connector you are looking for, it looks to have 8 lines in the diagram vs. the 7 on your PCB. If you took a look at the link I posted before, you would see there are actually 7 lines being used (9v line and another line of the original 9 in the PSX controller are NOT used), so that’s probably the 7 lines for your PCB there.

If you have that plastic connector in your PS2 controller, you’ll probably have to strip out the 7 that you need (according to that webpage I mentioned in my post above) and just attach them accordingly.

i c… sorry for all these questions but i m quite noob :frowning:
tmr i will go and buy a ps2 gamepad… if it’s not a sony one ,does it change sth? could be better or worse?
tmr i will post the gamepad that i bought (the inside of course) hoping to further advices :slight_smile:
and how i can check if the SONY one is the LATE A version when i will buy it?

[i saw your first link and if i understand about the used/no used wires :slight_smile: thx, now i just have to understand what do you mean with.

""If you have that plastic connector in your PS2 controller, you’ll probably have to strip out the 7 that you need (according to that webpage I mentioned in my post above) and just attach them accordingly. “” ] :slight_smile: thx

here we are again, i bought an unknow ps2 gamepad ,opened it and I found this:

it has 8 wires like the broke one (same color set):

so now what can i do?
i tried to take out the whole thing from the gamepad (plastic connect+ps2cable) but i dont know why it doesn come out. so i have a guess:
-cut the cable where there is the plastic ps2 thing and then solder the new 8 wires with the old 8 wires … can it be?

in this case we i have 8 wires that match with each other…

second option:

my pcb cable is a ps2/usb all in one so it’s like this:

now as you can see (despite the awful pic quality) the ps2 cable has only 7 wires to the pcb (brown,orange,yellow,blue,green,red,black) and 1 wire (white) linked to the second plastic connector (usb)…
here with the all wires linked to the pcb:

what can i do? go to the first option or…?

now, i got this pcb too :
but here the wires are 7 and not 8 … according to this website:


  1. DATA
    3. N/C (9 Volts unused)
  3. GND
  4. VCC
  5. ATT
  6. CLOCK
    **8. N/C **
  7. ACK

… 7 out 9 are used, the other two arent… so …?

any solution here

any suggestion?

Not sure, but just try the 7 lines from wireset to your pcb.

I mean you’re asking for support on a PCB nobody here has used or even seen before, so your guess is as good as mine. You’d probably be best to get support from the website where you purchased the joystick if you want a 100% sure-fire answer.

If you bought a Sony brand controller, at least the colors would line up with that website, but with these 3rd party controllers, hard to tell.