PS2/DC questions

  1. Would it be worth it if I bought another PS2 or turn in my old one for $45 to Sony?

I read that they would replace it for $45 if it’s out of warranty on the Wikipedia site, but dunno if it is certain. Seeing as how the PS2 will not read any games. (CDs will not spin upon power… probably due to the contact lense from the older PS2 model).
This is my 2nd PS2 that suffered from the dreaded “Disc read errors” So I think it would probably be best if I went ahead and bought one of those new slim PS2s.

  1. I’m trying to be legit and BUY a new copy of Marvel for DC… so should I stick to Amazon?

(I’ve bought from them several times already and I don’t plan on using ebay.) Tried Ebay once and liked Amazon more.