PS2 and Xbox 1 Reflex "Arcade" Stick $5 at Five and Below Stores

Now I realize these are crap off the bat but when I got into modding/making arcade stick I came across a tutorial at (now defunct) that explained how to cut up the Xbox Reflex Stick to use for your modding purposes. So for those of you new to modding/making sticks and you don’t want to cut up and solder to small Playstation pads, maybe you can pick one of these up at your Five and Below stores (like the Dollar Store but 5 bucks or less). Now I realize that I’m telling you budding stick makers to go out and find these things on the cheap only to direct you to a defunct website that would have shown you how to mod these things, but hey, they are five bucks! BTW, my local store had about a hundred or so of these things, so it makes you wonder… Also, sorry I haven’t performed this particular conversion myself so no use in asking me how to do it, hehe.

I actually had two of them. One now. But I wouldn’t even know where to begin on how to get those buttons out. Its definitely not possible using your fingers. You’ll just experience a lot of pain.

That’s cheap just for the PCBs. Should be fairly easy for a stick maker to get these to work without a tutorial.

Who’s selling them?

Would you consider buying some for me if I covered the cost of the item, shipping and your time? Let me know. I’d probably want anywhere from 6-10 if you’re interested.

Paper Tiger,

Hmmm, let me know. Give me exact quantities. Also let me know your fair assessment of compensation and I’ll see if I agree. Trust me, I’m not trying to gouge you but the thing that worries me is the shipping to AZ. I know that USPS has a flat rate option but I don’t think i can cram 10 of these things in one shipment. I think at most 3 will fit in one of the 8 dollar flat rate boxes. Anyways, let me know.

hey. do you think you can get me two of them for the ps2?

He’s probably only interested in the PCB, the stick itself is pretty much worthless and just dead weight, if you rip all the PCB’s out you could ship a bunch of em Priority Mail for $5.

Yes, I could rip pcb’s out and send em cheaper but man that’s a lot of work. If you guys are truly truly hurting for these PM me with all your details. I don’t know when I’ll get back to the store but I don’t imagine these flying off the shelves too. I don’t mind helping people out with deals but I don’t want to get too much over my head.


I only want the PCB, if you know how to remove the PCB and would be willing to do so, you could ship a ton of them in a flat rate box. That’s what I’m really after. The case itself is of no use to me. Let me know if you know how to do it and how much you’d charge.

Paper Tiger and others,

Yeah, I know how to rip the boards out, I’ve modded my share of sticks so I know what to look for, basically everything inside, keep it in tact, no buttons, no case, no sticks, etc. Basically I would take all the insides out. Again, I don’t want to give a “rate” for my time driving over there, buying them, ripping boards, packing, shipping etc. PM me with what you think is a fair assessment of the amount of running around and jumping through hoops and I’ll let you know if I think its fair. Again, I want to stress that I’m all for helping others out but if its going to take away from my time considerably, I might have to think twice about it. If any of you are worried about my rep, look up my user name on eBay. Also, I’ve met and transacted with SRK member PaikforLife so he at least knows where I live, hehe. For some reason, when I subscribe to this thread it doesn’t email me so if you have any problems, just post in this thread. Also, when I started this thread, I was trying to pass along a good deal for others so they can go out and see if they could find some. I have benefited from other member’s deals such as the Pelican converters, T5 stick deal etc so I was trying to go along those lines, but I didn’t think there would be a “demand” for these things, hehe. Anyways PM me.