PS2 Adapter to XBOX and/or DreamCast? (Compatible w/ HRAP)

Are there any PS2 to XBOX and/or DreamCast adapters available that are compatible with the Hori Real Arcade Pro?

I read that the Universal PS2 Adapter is not compatible with the HRAP and the X-Joybox isn’t any better.

Why does this have to be covered by new threads on nearly a daily basis?

Best adapter PS2->Xbox is the Magic Box.
Best adapter PS2->Dreamcast is the Innovation Dream Connection II.

I also read that the Total Control Plus works well for the HRAP with PS2 to Dreamcast, is that true?
It seems that the Innovation Dream Connection II is out of stock on

I apologize that these are redundant questions.:sweat:

No online sites have the Magic Box in stock either. Is there any alternative for an PS2 to XBOX adapter that works with the HRAP? (edit: eek – sorry for the double post)