PS1 solderless pcb hack

i know that it’s possible…i tried for something like 3 hours but can’t put the damn wires steady, as soon as i try to move the pcb they fall off… i tried with some adhesive tape (the grey one) but it doesnt work… any chance i can sold the wires directly to the pcb?..i mean in here:

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i surf the forum but most of the time they just use the solderless technique …

I did this mod, what size wires are you using? If they’re too thin they’ll just fall out, too thick and they won’t go in. This recommends 26gauge wire, which is the American wire gauge. 26AWG is roughly 0.4mm to us europeans (according to wikipedia anyway), and if i remember right thats what i used.

Remember they only need to stay in long enough so you can test them to make sure they work, as soon as you’re sure its all set up right put a ton of hot glue on them and they won’t move.

Or he could maybe try electrical tape to made the rubber part of the wire fit it

Yes definitely try 26 gauge wire. I think i used 22-24, they’re a bit thicker but what I did was strip the wire a little bit more before inserting. I also recommend using electrical tape to secure the wires. Hot glue works just as well.

i will try to buy em tmr… mine are thinner than those u mentioned ^^

Hot glue is actually a better alternative, Some people don’t have glue gun’s laying around so if ya don’t electrical tape will suffice temporarily

Hot Glue guns are like 5 bucks at walmart… EVERYONE should have one

Not EVERYONE, Uses them thank you, I didn’t have one for years, I still don’t technically own my own.

The OP’s in Italy, i guarantee a glue gun will be more than 5 dollars and only available from specialist hobby shops. I’m in the UK and shops where you can walk in and by something like a glue gun are few and far between.

Having said that, its well worth buying one fiol, i’m sure you’ll get a lot of use out of it and most importantly you won’t have to worry about wires falling out!

Hot glue guns are a NECESSITY for anyone who has an arcade stick. If you ever move on to the solder PCBs (which are 100 times easier in my opinion than this solderless crap), you can use it after you solder the wires to make sure they never come off. It’s very nice not having to worry about a wire coming loose inside your stick no matter how rough you are with it (not that you should be, but at least you know if you drop it you havea better chance of damaging the case than the wire.

i used to hack solder pcbs but i dont have a glue guns… today i go to the shop and see how much it costs :slight_smile:

i bought a kind of wire that is already “one” end that fits inside the white “box” ,something like “plug&play” but i can’t put the membrane cause the wires are too big for that…won’t be any problem without the membrane,right? since they fit and stay still inside the white box without the membrane i cant see any problem working without it… i’ll try later anyway…

EDIT: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK i tried and it worked BUT as soon as i move the wires (to make them straight) the whole just stop working… as soon as i put the wires in i tried with the PC and it worked, then i tried with the PS2 and it worked… damn myself that i didnt glue the damn thing… we’ll try again later…

edit2: done…now i just have to figure the glue out…