PS1 padhack analog problem

okay so I modded the PS1 controller onto the hori wii stick got everything working great except one thing my analog button is stuck up and to the left, no idea why, I pulled off my analog buttons so this wouldn’t happen and I can’t make sense of why its doing this.

You’re NOT supposed to pull the analog buttons off. Now you’re fucked.

i don’t trust those the sony office PSone analog. I use old playstation pad doesn’t have analog into Neo Geo Stick 2. :wink:

I modded Neo Geo Stick 2 (Wii) I put two buttons 30"mm hole for 4 smallest buttons. left and right.

Well, it can be salvaged, but you will need four 3.9K to 5K resistors.

You may want to look at my PCB and Wiring page (link) and read the PCB Attributes subsection to see why this is happening. You may then want to look at the PCB Diagrams subsection and see if your PCB is there so maybe we can figure how to repair it. Or you could just get a new PCB and remember that either the sticks should not be removed, or they need to be replaced with resistors.

Sorry man somebody beat you to it on another site, but yep you got it :D, I already have the correct resistors, and after I read up a bit on it I figured it was something silly like this, just needed to know where to put them.

PS: I needed to remove them the 3 boards are basically jammed together in my tiny case without them.

Jaxel: don’t be such a pestimist, you can always save something as simple as a controller board its just sometimes is more difficult.

I bought NEO GEO STICK 2 for Wii on April 2008 but I don’t have Wii console.

I modded PSone PCB into my neo geo stick 2 and Add new button from Seimitsu PS-15 30mm the button is similar to the Sanwa OBSF series, except much shorter.

I hate Wii logo. So I erased wii logo. :rofl:

This Neo Geo stick has 6 buttons. :woot:

slagcoin, what wattage of resistors should you use when removing the analog sticks? i have 1/4 and 1/8 watts. I put in the 8 resistors but the sticks still register as right and down/right, and all the buttons are lit up when i check them in windows’ game controller properties.