Proximity Block OS - Abel

Keoma’s Proximity Block OS - Abel (Breathless)

From what I’ve tested, proximity block OS only works with some crouching normals.

cr lp / cr mp / cr hp / cr mk / cr hk proximity block OS roll did work.

far mp proximity block OS super and ultra did not work.

f+mk / far lp / cr lk / far lk / cl lk / far hp / cr hk / far hk / close hk / far mp / cl mk proximity block OS roll did not work.

How does someone do this? i don’t understand the concept behind it. Like what are you pressing to make this happen? To be honest it just looks like a read.
Goes over the basic concept of proximity block OS.

Once you got that, look at the inputs and try it. Don’t have access to my stick right now but I’m gonna see if I can get this consistently in training mode then go from there. Looks like a neat trick.

For abel is probably the best move to PBOS with