Proving Grounds Semi-Monthlies - Chattanooga, TN - 2/27/2010 **VENUE CHANGE**

Announcement for anyone planning on attending the Chattanooga tournament next Saturday

Guys…I’m very sorry for the late change of plans, but there was a mistake made by the previous venue and our room got double-booked. On the bright side…we got a larger room at the new venue and there is a killer bar and some awesome restaurants right next door. Here’s all the info on the new venue…

And also…this venue does NOT allow any outside food or drink so I am sorry for that.

Chattanooga Choo Choo
1400 Market St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402
1-800-TRACK-29 (872-2529)

Room: Town Hall Theater


Feel free to call/text/pm/email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Well we had so much fun in December that I’ve decided we should do it again! The Chatt-Town Beatdown went very well and it’s time that Chattanooga had a venue to level up. And so begins the Proving Grounds semi-monthly series of tournaments. These tournaments will take place about once every 2 months and our goal is to not only level up our current list of regional players but to bring some fresh blood into the fold as well.

So…spread the word and get hype!

Please preregister in this thread in the following format:


Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or PM me for any additional info/comments/concerns.

Chattanooga Choo Choo
1400 Market St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402
1-800-TRACK-29 (872-2529)


Venue Fee:

Spectators will pay $5 to get into the event (this includes girlfriends, wives, moms, dads…etc…NO EXCEPTIONS).

Door fee will be waived if you bring the following…

  1. System
  2. TV

Both of these items MUST be used in tournament play in order for you to receive free entrance to this event. If you bring just one of the items listed above you will pay a reduced amount to get into the venue ($5). If you are planning on getting your door fee waived please arrive at the tournament early so that your equipment can be set up for tournament play. There will be a limited number of these free spots available.

The registration will start at 11:00 sharp and end at 1:00 exactly. The tournament starts at 1:30 exactly, so please be on time. No late registration after 1:30 unless you’ve called me first. My cell phone number is 423-774-6021. Unless you call me the brackets will be made and no more buy-ins will be accepted.

Double Elimination
Tournament Round Settings (2 for 2D, 3 for 3D)
3/5 matches winners final
3/5 matches losers final
4/7 matches grand finals
Winner keeps same character/team


Tekken 6 - Ps3 ($10)

Street Fighter IV - Ps3 ($10)

BlazBlue - Ps3 ($10)

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - Ps2 ($5)

Street Fighter HDR - Ps3 ($5)

Guilty Gear: Accent Core Plus - Ps2 ($5)
*Kliff and Justice are banned

Smash Brothers: Brawl - Wii ($10)
*see official Smash World tournament rules for more info

Smash Brothers: Melee - Wii/Gamecube ($10)
*see official Smash World tournament rules for more info

Sign me up. You know I’ll be there.

Sounds good. I’ll definitely keep this in mind, especially considering mid TN had to miss the last one you guys threw. We’ll see what we can do. :tup:


Out of curiosity since I didn’t see it listed; do you plan on having Super Turbo or HDR this time around or are you scrapping it for this event? I realize there wasn’t a big bracket for the last one, but at the same time, that kinda had to do with a lot of people leaving early.

Mag: thank you as always brother!

Kodee and Viper: we’d love to have you guys there! It’s always good to meet more in-state players.

Ghab: I actually left HDR off by accident. Yeah man we’ll have a bracket for it. I heard the matches were pretty awesome in Dec.

Awesome, thanks man :tup:

Also thanks for hosting another one of these. I had a blast at the last one.

This might be a long shot since I don’t know if many people play it around here these days, but if enough people signed up for it, you think there would be a possibility of a Virtua Fighter 5 bracket? There use to be a nice little scene for it around here in Cleveland, and if I mentioned VF5 to some people I might get a few more to show up to this one.

Dude I love VF5! I’m all for it.

What do you think? $5 bracket?

Sounds great to me. Which version would we be playing though? I’m cool with either, but if we do the 360 version, the Cleveland crew is going to borrow some 360 sticks for the matches if that’s cool.


3s, HDR, VF5

Enjoy your 2nd place money Heath!!

I will try to make this as well with the rest of the mid tn guys. looks hype. guess i need to play 3s again lol.

lol, one last crazy idea I thought I’d throw out there since there might be enough people to fill out a decent size bracket for…

CvS2 anyone?

cvs2? aw yiss

also, sign me up. nearly blew my load when i woke up to a text message about this shit, oh gawd

Name: Chris
Handle: Kazujiro
Hometown: Dunlap, TN
Game(s): SFIV

Name:Dustin Stephens
Handle:Silent Scream
Hometown:Soddy Daisy
Game(s):SF4, HDR, Tekken6,
Equipment:PS3, tv

hmmm… I have the 360 version and I’ve always heard it was superior. I’ll go with the majority though and say Ps3.

Got you added sir!

I hope you can make it!

Good idea! Ps2 or DC?

Now…that’s hype! LOL!!

Got you added sir!

Got ya!

good stuff! i plan on being there sign me up.

IB, can you add another poll to this thread? i think it’d be interesting to see how many ppl wanna play games like cvs2, SC4, etc.

Concerning VF5 - yeah, the 360 version is the most up to date version of VF5, although even it is rather outdated now. The PS3 is ver.B while the 360 is ver.C… yet there is still a ver.D of vanilla VF5 and after that it goes into VF5R, and I don’t know if there are any revisions of it or not. Don’t think we’ll ever get a console release though, apparently VF5 didn’t sell well in the States which really saddens me to tell ya the truth.

Concerning CvS2 - both versions are fine, but for accessibility’s sake, I’m going to say the PS2 version since more people actually own arcade sticks for it.

I’ll make an effort to be there.
T6, SFIV, SCIV if u have it