Proudest SSF4 Moment

Whats Yours?

Mine: When I first started to do FADC combo’s in online, I always wanted to be that good since i started and now i am. Tho im still a complete scrub.

I know people will probably flame me for saying this, but I’d say mine was getting 100% on those trial challenge combos. It took me weeks and weeks when Super came out and I just grinded away at them until I’d done them all. If only I knew about plinking before I started, haha.

My proudest online moment would probably be finally reaching 3000 PP in Super, but I don’t take that as seriously because the quality of online matches (with regards to lag and rage-quitters) is so inconsistent.

I forget what the name was it was something like Epx Justin Wong I beat him and I thought it was justin wong but iwas just an imposter

both those are good in my eyes, i can’t do all da trials on my pad and im only a 2000pp scrub, i was pretty happy to know i was a 2000pp scrub, those were always free matchis for me, now i can beat dem 3000 pp kids sometimes.

I have to agree with OP.

When I dropped the controller after playing AE for the first time and saying, its OK, its just like Vanilla again, and that is fine.

Beating awful players down with random full screen headbutts that they just walk straight into.
Online tactics.
Happens every day.

Realizing that as a Gen main people have no fucking clue what Gen is capable of.

Also the first time I did a double walldive cross-up (combo into super>crane>lk walldive cross-up>ultra = bye 4/5 of your life) was godlike, take that bison!

Same for me! gameinn2010 sucked and clearly wasn’t Daigo. Still, he was high ranking compared to me and ultimately won, but it was anyone’s call.

My proudest moment was when this Vega player who is 2000-something in PP rank taunted me when I had very little health left. While he was taunting, I managed to reduce his almost full health down to half. Then I won the round, but lost the match.

Still, very proud that he took me seriously enough to keep his claw on and not taunt after that. lol I’ve played this same Vega player 3 times now and I’ve always lost.

I’m gonna get flamed for this as I’m just a scrub but… my proudest moment? Anytime I win, I’m THAT horrible.

I would definitely have to say it was finishing the challenges! Online it was getting to a B with fei online.

Going to my first ever major tournament (ECT2) after practicing online and offline for quite a while and getting to feel the pressure of actually sitting next to your opponent and knowing you both paid to enter so “cheap” and “fair” go flying out the window.

Second would have to be the excitement of my final match which was one step away from getting in top 16 which I lost unfortunately. I mention this one since the feeling left me wanting to improve more than ever. Haven’t been able to return competitive play for a while but this was definitely the most proud/fun moment I’ve had.

When I won 2 games in a local tourny. I went 2 -2 when all my buddies said I would have gone 1 - 2.

Winning a match against Mago in casuals :slight_smile:

Placing 5th at a tourney in an out of town, big-city tourney

jealous lol I always wanted to play against a top overseas player.

My moment would be just learning how to use the TE Stick for I always played on a pad and after switching to a stick I learned plinking, double tapping etc, and then actually seeing myself progress to higher levels online and offline.

My proudest moment would be when I’ll handle Ibuki at least like my Vanilla main, Akuma. Today was the first day of online experimentation with her and it was a total disaster. But I had a few good laughs. It’s a difficult challenge, but also an enjoyable one.

Finally, I can have a character that I actually care about. <3

Winning a small ranbat, hopefully I’ll have a better moment after Evo :slight_smile:

Beating Kidevu like 5 games straight at Evo 2008 we both were playing Sagat vs Sagat. Btw no one really knew the game yet as it had only been arcades for less than a month or so but still…

I know this is vanilla but doesn’t change the fact it was a proud moment, lol.