Protecting Plexiglass! xD

Does anyone know what kind of screen protector is good on a plexis glass??? I used Invisible Shield for laptop on one of my current stick and it is really good but the dust washer is keep getting stuck because of the material. Seeing if anyone have tried anything to keep there plexis scratch free. XD

If you want to protect the plex… well, you could cut a larger hole in the protector you’re using, large enough to not interfere with the washer. You’ll then only risk an area slightly larger than your washer (and mostly covered by it) getting scratched. I think most people use plex to protect artwork from scratches; it’s (relatively) cheap, all things considered. Maybe somebody else could chime in with some ideas; I’ve got nothing for you.

I think scratches come with the territory of custom sticks. They get handled, some a lot, so some scratches are going to show.

From the feedback I’ve read, the stuff gameongrafix uses is textured and should hide any scratches pretty well. That’s the way I’d go if hiding scratches was a priority. Otherwise, some novus to polish up your current panel should work well.

lol…this sounds like the pocket protector protector from saved by the bell. Plexiglass is meant to get scratched, it’s protecting whatever it is it’s covering. You could try lexan, i think it’s alot more scratch resistant.

Chuu, lexan is polycarbonate so it scratches a bit easier than acrylic, though not much more so. There is abrasion resistant acrylic, but it’s somewhat expensive.

If you get scratches on your plexi just use very fine sandpaper 2000-3000 and then polish with a plastic polish and it will be good as new its the same process that you do for scratches and yellowing in headlights those products are everywhere now since its such a common problem with headlights

Thanks for the info everyone. I am one of those people that like to keep my stuffs near mint condition so that is why I wanted to use screen protectors. Personally, I would use invisible shield again but the dust washer gets stuck and really pisses me off. xD LOL Hopefully all of you can understand.

If you want to keep your arcade stick mint, just buy a second acrylic for display reasons, or keep your arcade stick in a display case. I personally think it pointless to try to get good usage of something while at the same time keeping it mint. If you want something to stay mint, seal it and never use it.

I don’t get it.
The whole point of the plexi is to prevent scratches to the artwork underneath, meaning the plexi IS the screen protector? And wouldn’t ANY sort of film / protector be just as expensive as a custom cut plexi for a stick…?

Wear soft gloves…

I have a few custom sticks and plexi is not something easily obtainable unless I send it to someone custom made like tek-innovations. I have one done before and was actually better then the original because of the laser cutter. I am not trying to get anyone confuse but I like to keep my things in really good condition while I use it. Don’t get me wrong for not using my stuff to the fullest. A good example it that I played card games like Magic the gathering and I use card sleeves to protect deck. XD

Use bubble wrap…

I guess what most of us are saying is that the plex IS the card sleeves, in this comparison. You’re talking about metaphorically double-sleeving your cards, or opting to use printed proxies because you don’t want your sleeves to get scratched up. The plex is meant to get scratched instead of what’s below it, and it’s low enough cost that you should be able to buy another one for little more than what you’ll end up paying constantly protecting it.

And the other aspect is what you lose – by adding on another layer of plastic (such as a screen protector), you’ve just changed what’s getting scratched and needs to be replaced. A screen protector is gonna show scratches a lot more, and catch dirt, and peel up at the sides potentially… to keep it looking “mint”, you’ll end up having to replace whatever you use more often than you would a plexi, and you’ll likely spend more time with a halfway-mint looking stick.

I’d take the advice that rtdzign threw out there – buy a second plex to have for “display” reasons, if you feel like it. Or have a second plex on hand in case your main one gets scratched so severely that it starts bothering you. Just don’t fret it too much! :smiley:

I get what you mean, kind of.
Just make sure you don’t wear bracelets or shirts with buttons on the cuffs while they use the sticks? Because even the sweat / oil from your hands will slowly affect plexi over time.

Also, I couldn’t resist.

wrap your hands in Charmin toilet paper…Ultra soft…

Blind you’re the only reason I will continue to read this thread from now on

Lmao!!! I loved the bubble pic and I do love using Charmin. xD

Anyway here is an example my friend will need a cover for.

Personally I think the plexis is part of a whole from the joystick and that is why I like to keep pristine. XD