Property of low m with launcher

So I found that there is a way at max range that the launcher always combos. If you do low m, at max distance and always quickly cancel into S, the launcher always connects. I notice 2 things about this:

  1. Because c. m knocks down, if you don’t cancel c.m quickly the launcher sometimes whiff.

  2. The reason why there’s such trouble with c. l, c. m, s. h, launch has to do with the hitbox and relative slowness of the launcher. Around belly height is where his launcher has the furthest hit box. As Opponents move higher and higher up, his launcher’s hitbox shrinks. Also, because ironman’s launcher is slow, when there is a lot of hit stun decay the opponent flips out quickly.

That being said, I still think krispy Kreme is the combo to go to, as c. m is not safe and hit confirming it with l. a’s kills the damage. However, this property might be used to make a simpler BnB. It might be possible to make some sort of unfly/refly or relaunch combo easier. Just an idea off the top of my head…
do the standard startup: c. l, c.m, s. h, fly, air m, air h, air s, land low m (which moves him forward) then quickly cancel S. It’s universal at all ranges, but is annoying because you have to lower them low enough that the launcher won’t miss, and the launcher will still miss if you hit S too late.

I’m going to call it “kara S”. It works a lot like a kara throw I think. I notice the forward moving property of c.m works a lot worse in the corner. For some reason this seems to have more range outside of the corner.