Projectiles in 2d fighters

im assuming fireballs did chip damage in SF1.What if capcom made the sequel
and decided that in SF2 they would no longer chip.I hear that the damage and stun was greatly reduced on them between the two games so it would have been a natural progression.

Im not supposing that all specials wouldve lost the ability to chip either,just projectiles( yoga flame/blast & electricity would still chip).

so how would the sf line of fighters have changed if this had happened if at all. Projectiles still did good damage in SF2,but not in alpha,SF3,and SvC.

would it have made much difference in the game play strategies?
And i wonder if SNK,sammy,doujins etc. would have followed suit and it would still be that way 20 years later?

i imagine super projectiles would have brought back chipping in ST though so that is something else to consider as far as later effects of this supposed decision.

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