Project X Zone Souryuken

I was hoping I could get some help with translations.
In Project X Zone for the 3DS, Ryu and Ken have a multi-attack called Souryuken.
I was wondering what the literal meaning of this word meant.
I’m fairly certain Souryuken doesn’t appear as a move in a game but I’m guessing its something like “twin rising dragon punch”.
Theres also some kanji that appear when they perform it if that helps.

It’s like a shoryuken, but lemon flavoured.

uuuh, second character looks like “Dragon”, third character is “Fist”

JUST WAIT A SEC, you mean Shoryuken means “Rising Dragon Fist” nnooooo waaaiiiiii

Google failed this child.

The reason you can’t find the meaning is because it’s in German. Try harder next time

Thank you for the helpful comments.

It’s 双龍拳, Double Dragon Punch.

Thank you so much!

“Interracial DP Aragami DARK SEED Fanservice”

I like how this game has everything else in that Glossary and Tutorial text pages and pages but not what the hell “+CRT” means! It looks important. Ryu and Ken are pretty boring, I’d wish they’d go away and I’d have new characters to use already.

Metsu Hadoken + Shoryuken (Strong). good one guys, no Jinrai Kyaku at all. & then that dumb animation with ken’s smug face during ultra shinryukans. >:/