Project: Mod 360 pad to work on ps3, Ben Heck released a how-to

I would love to get this mod done before seasons beatings, i have the link for the how to and would love to see if there is a modder that would be interested in doing this project. Here is the link let me know if you are interested in doing this.

hit um gummound

Gummowned has already done stuff like this, and multi-console to boot.

You should be aware that if it is essentially a wireless sixaxis PCB, it could qualify as a banned controller.

Problem is I use the analog stick, and the one gum does doesn’t allow that function. So I would have to go with Ben hecks mod.

Mad Catz is coming out with some high quality type MLG controllers that you can switch the orientation of the analog and d-pad or maybe you should try the pdp fight pad its like an in between analog and d-pad

Yeah I’ve messed around with fightpads and some controllers made like 360 models but the sticks always have too much slop in them.