Project Gauntlet Episode 1 - Blanka

Hello Blanka Forums,

Every week or so, I plan on having a friend run a gauntlet of his main character vs every other character on the roster best 3/5 (played by me). I’m not the best at playing every character, but I am some-what competent with them all and do feel like I can x-copy and take advice really well. It just so happens that we will be streaming the event for archive purposes and I would appreciate if some of you could watch and coach me or my Blanka friend live (probably moreso for me 'cause that fgt is bringing a notebook full of notes).

The stream will be on May 31, 7pm EST for however long it takes to run through the whole roster – probably not including the mirror >.>

Thoughts? Criticisms? Suggestions?

Who is your Blanka friend?

I think his name is ‘deaded by panda’ on XBL? o.O;

I dunno if I’d say he’s on your level, but he knows what he’s doing.

Blanka is a weird character, most of Blanka players doesn’t know what they’re doing (myself included).

Most of the time we (the “most of Blanka players”) are just pushing buttons, doing gimmicky stuff and hoping they work…

:lol: Well I’m familiar with a lot of Blanka’s gimmicks and so is he – I’m sure it won’t stop him from trying though~

This is true, but this is also the reason why I am doing this with my friend. Match up experience is my weak point and I feel it is the same for a lot of other blanka players I’ve seen. Most of the time we rely one the same gimmicks and stop trying to just play solid.

Doing something like this will not only help me from stopping the gimmicks and online stuff that I find myself doing (which is something I need to stop), but hopefully it will help others who are watching as well.

It would be nice if we could get a good amount of people watching to share the knowledge they have.

It’s me. I’m not crazy active on this forum, but I read it quite often.

I’ll have a look at the live stream if I can.

Well I’ve been too lazy to do matchup writeups, so lack of matchup knowledge is my fault to an extent so I’ll help out a bit.

What matchups in particular give you trouble? I can coach during the matches if nothing comes up, and I can also do a few writeups today/tomorrow.

Honestly, it’s no ones fault but mine that I don’t know certain matches. When it comes to my bad match-ups I honestly couldn’t tell you who they are. Before I play him I am going through all the matchup threads and I am going to try to make the most sense as I can out of all of them. If I can compile some sort of useful list, I have no problem posting it all for everyone to see and share.

I think if we can get some players in there to tell me real-time things I am missing or not doing, it will help me a lot and it will also help me with writing match up data as well.

Chat will be visible during the stream and uploaded onto YouTube, so people will be able to read the coaching tips given by whoever~

Got home late -_-; Laptop is acting up. Going to stream from desktop~

We’re live if anyone cares to help us out with matchup knowledge~

well shit I missed this sorry :frowning:

lol, NP =) We kinda started late, then changed the format to first to 5 since 3 was kinda short >.> May not be the best thing to have people sit through 'cause it took literally almost 5 hours just to get through the top row of characters~ The score ended up being 61-30 T_T

Perhaps a better format would be 2/3~

Not to mention I kept sliding and couldn’t stop. No idea why either. I need to work on not doing that.