Programmable stick , is there website sell it?

i know only :rolleyes:
Programmable Combo Fight stick for PS3, Xbox 360

is there other site?

It looks like a unique modding service rather than a actual product. I can’t help but shake the feeling this could be a shill but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt.

With that said.

I do not like the idea of people recording 1 frame link infinites and starting it up with the touch of a button.
I imagine SF noobs with a 4x4 16 button side box with pre-programmed non-practical combos for punishes.
Thankfully those types of scrubs will probably not know fundamentals and will be easy to catch with an ultra when they unsafely carry out the entire combo just to be blocked and punished.

And this is why we have 1 frame link combos people. With programmable pads you have to input the entire combo or at least program the one frame links. Now if you are a good player with timing you can stop doing the combo at any time and reduce being punished.

I’m not worried though, because this will only make you a worse overall player if relied on, or help you make combo videos.

:u: Well said.

Of course, a programmable stick could be used for other things, like TACVs.

With an input resolution of 0.01 seconds and a maximum of 32 inputs per recording? :slight_smile:

Now that I think of it, there are legit reasons for this.

I am intrigued by this for training mode purposes. I’m imagining programming my training dummy with combos, block strings and frame traps I cannot execute to record on characters that are not my main.
Fuck me for not wanting to learn how to execute with Gen but want to figure out how to counter his shennanigans.

Something like a game with training mode without a recording feature would benefit from this.

I’m sure insanecombo is legit, just expensive and not particularly well designed. I suspect they do something similar to this

I made my own, and it does more than their version. rtdzign, it can do all of that. Also with regards to your earlier example of programmable sticks completing link combos whether blocked or not and hence being punishable, it’s not like it’s hard to set the stick up so that you press a button and it starts doing the combo, but if you press another it will stop. All you have to do then is hit confirm and not press a button and you get easy 1F links.

I’m not sure you could even do consistent hadokens like that. I hope that’s a typo, and they mean 0.001 seconds.

What would be really nice for that is a set of ‘save position’ and ‘restore position’ options. (The TACV folks would probably like that as well.)

If the stick is hooked up to a computer - which is an obvious thing to do these days - you can also have the dummy do mix-ups.

If the stick does input recording as well - also an obvious thing to pursue in most cases - then it’s possible to built a combo timing tutor that can help you see where your timing is off. With a little more work, and the right components, you could also have a speaker on the stick for audio timing clues like the old tekken 10-string stuff.

If you get a bit more involved and spendy, it’s possible to set up an analog (or 49 position) arcade sticks…

Also $160 seems a bit pricey. Though, I suppose, the programming and development costs have to be amortized.

Programmable pads/sticks are generally horrible.

I had one a long time ago for the SNES. It was introduced sometime after Street Fighter II debuted on the home console. Great if you couldn’t use the SNES pad to save your life, but otherwise a bad way to learn the game or play it. Even with the so-called accurate motions and timing on the pre-programmed moves, I don’t doubt a competent player would thrash someone using a programmed/programmable pad.

I really didn’t get better until Capcom released the 6-button face Soldier Pads for both the SNES and Sega Genesis. Easily the best fighting game pad I played with prior to the Sega Saturn (Japanese) pad. The 6-button layout and far-more comfortable D-pad on the Capcom controller made a huge difference. The SNES version of the Capcom pad is one of the few instances where I felt the Nintendo (version of a) controller was better than the Sega version. The Sega Soldier Pad had a more recessed circular D-pad that was less comfortable than the SNES version and generally harder to pull moves off with.

I think with a lot of games you DO get better if the equipment you use is better. If you’re stuck with controllers that horribly inadequate for games, you really don’t improve much at all and can’t begin to have as much fun with games. That’s been true for me in at least a half-dozen cases. For some games, you really do need a specialized controller to get the most out of them. Virtual-On isn’t the same without a Twin Stick. I couldn’t play Mechwarrior 2 on the Saturn without the Mission Stick. And Ace Combat 5 and Zero just aren’t the same without the Hori Flight Stick 2.

that’s crazy. I can’t think of anyone that would buy it though.

I actually found someone in my state that had done something very similar to me. Obviously using programmable pads on someone who doesn’t have one is unfair, but what about a match where both players have them? Perhaps with the option to program 3-4 functions at the start of each match. Obviously there have to be limits (and given that my stick is 2P, it wouldn’t be hard to program a function where the opponent is forced to press forwards just as you do your ultra ;)) but it would make for an interesting concept match.

thanx all for answer

actually i contact then i asked some question :confused:

how much time you need to finish your mod?
and are you gonna give me a cd or guide book? any other products?
ot its just moded fight stick ?

support team (insanecombo):-
Hi, just the modded fightstick and a usb cable to connect to PC.
software and guide is on the website.

The estimate time is around two weeks. it’s just estimate. it could be faster.


the problem i have mayflashfight stick

Hi, I think the best way is to buy a new fightstick.
I really recommend you mod it with madcatz fightstick.
You can order a complete modded fightstick. I think this way is better.

let me know,

well the problem is the price is too high .

so is there any other site who can make a mod with low price???

I can…

Anyone that’s impatient and can’t learn to play SF II in a reasonable amount of time.

Took me about a year AFTER I finally got a decent control pad to really learn SF II. That was the mid-1990s.

You really won’t learn to play well with a programmable pad.

There are so many more decent pad and joystick options now than there used to be.

The fact that the arcade parts are more easily available now to players is a huge plus.

Mad Catz and Hori have made it much easier to obtain arcade-quality joysticks without having to source parts all over the place unless you want dual-modded controllers or joysticks that are compatible with multiple systems.

You really don’t have to spend over $120 on these controllers unless you want all the bells and whistles…

You could do the mod yourself. If you already have a soldering iron and multimeter, that’s probably the most inexpensive option.

(EDIT: Perhaps the mayflash is common ground after all…)

Imagine online if there were no barrier to entry. I don’t deny that the price that insanecombos is charging is inflated, but as it stands they appear to have a monopoly on a specialised market. If they weren’t expensive or they didn’t require a bit of effort to do yourself (and not actually that much, compared to some of the modding achievements that go down on this forum every day) then I’d think online matches would be ruined fairly quickly, as everyone would be cheating away merrily

I have an idea…

rtdzign and rufus bring up great uses for something like this or a regular programmable pad or whatever. never thought to look at these things as practical training tools to either learn to do a combo or learn to punish one with a particular character you may be having trouble against (gen is a great example too). and thas in addition to making great combo vids or TAVCs

that said couldnt the great minds of tech talk come together to make our own solution for custom sticks? i mean what would it take?

some of my thoughts of possible ways to look at how to do this:

first thing that comes to mind start with a pc. many small apps are availble to write macros. one would need to find an app that would allow inputs for each frame @ 60 fps. maybe some one could even write one specialized for this. there are many great minds here on SRK and Tech Talk specifically. Running the macros directly of the pc will allow for a near infinite amount of commands to be programmed, instead of being limited to available memory on a chip.

some how figure out how to capture pc inputs, keyboard or marcos or whatever and route them out via a cable (usb comes to mind). maybe create some sort of sync for a connection (thinking of how my cell reads my email from the pc).

next part im not so sure about. i could imagine some sort of custom pcb will come into play here with a chip that can capture pc data coming in through the cable and translate that into input commands (u,d,l,r, p1, k1, ect.) that can be used with any fighting game or any game for that matter.

this said pcb should be platform agnostic. it should have pins that can send those translated signals to whatever console pcb user is using. maybe it could store the captured data for recalling later or just past the data along to the console pcb in realtime. the marcos should/can be triggered via pc and that will discourage people from trying to use this online because of having to juggle both the game and the pc to trigger the marcos (as opposed to stored marcos).

using a MCC as an example, all the output pins from the programable/pass-thru/translator pcb could share the screw terminal with the button and joystick inputs while the user will able to retain the full functionality of their stick. using a MCC, the user would have access to so many systems and games. just imagine a kick ass combo vid for snes TMNT: Tournament Fighters! or something similar but you get the idea.

downside of this setup is adding another port to a case (female usb?). im not sure what other downsides could be. ive been having this idea brewing in my head for a while now, but i dont kno if it could really be done nor do i have the expertise. seeing the responses in this thread made to decide to throw my idea out there, maybe some genius like toodles or any other inspired individual could whip something up, but who knos. but if some one makes one, i want one for free because its this is my thought process on how to do it :stuck_out_tongue: it looks like the interest is there…at least for programmable pads. i think it would take more than a noob to write a ridiculous combo with 1-2 frame links and what not, because they will need to kno about frame data, where to get it, how to use it, then actually apply it. if this is made, im sure they might be a few people who do stupid shit with it, but im sure it could benefit many others in different ways. was going to make a new thread for this but since its already being discussed here sure why not?

You either shoot me down and say it cant be done, or we can put our minds together and make it happen. Feel free to share your thoughts…

What you describe is pretty much identical to what noodalls and CodyK have already done using arduinos.

thanks for the heads up, i will try searching using different terms and their names

edit: or i should have just looked at the posted link above

wow great replays guys and BIG THANX to shinmssah you give us many information we need :slight_smile:

by the way ,im thinking im gonna pay to to let him mod mine ,but before i do that ,is there any members here buy from insanecombo?

that is sad im noob about modding. waiting your answers ;]

Shin, I think if there were a lot of demand for programmable controller stuff like you describe, then there would already be stuff available. It’s really not that hard.