Problems with the FGC

That video is old…and proved nothing.
If you don’t like the community…kick rocks.

How old it is doesn’t matter. I see firestorms on streams all the time about hatred of a certain crowd of players or a game. As for “proof” there is defiantly game discrimination in the community, watch any stream that isn’t a Capcom game. I don’t want to be a part of a “community” that hates on other people within it. Be considerate.

What’s with the flood of “FGC flaws” threads in GD and can it stop

lol at acting like this doesnt exist in other gaming communities

who fucking cares. shit ass video using extreme examples of shit that rarely happens

he starts off going “im an outsider tell me why i wanna join your community”

then goes “this makes US in the community look bad”

You won’t get shit addressed in here. Most of us don’t play competitively so we don’t give a fuck. The game-specific forums will, though.

Also, this guy can’t make a good point.

wow that video was horrible i turned it off when he started complaining about smash bros getting no respect

spectator opinions dont mean shit


To answer your concerns in regards to the FGC: "What is every community ever"
Every community has it’s fair share of problems and some way worse than others. Have you tried playing LoL as a new player? Holy fuck, even when entering the beginner servers I got so many flags in getting my steam account banned cause I hit the wrong button followed by an endless array of hate mail.

At least on xbox live, if I don’t reply, 95% of the time they won’t spam me up.

And then we got these “e-sports people”, acting like their too “hot” to talk to scrubs.
I can go up and talk to JW and Marn and be cool about it. But nah, these other guys, nah dawg, too hollywood I’m sorry.

Fuck out of here with this shit. If you see a problem with the FGC, might wanna check the mirror, cause the problem might be closer than you think.

There’s always going to be hate on the internet…and I don’t consider stream monsters part of the community because most of them won’t even bother to support their local scene.

Why don’t you post the problems you have experienced first hand with the community instead of using an old dumb video.