Problems with TE- chun edition (xbox 360) not working

Hi I’ve had the ssf4 chun tournament edition stick since it came out, and recently I noticed some odd behavior- first it started not working(when in dpad mode) for navigating around Netflix on the xbox, and now its gotten to where most of the time when i plug it in to the xbox, a green light on the home button will light up for a second, then nothing. i cant start the xbox with the start button or home button. sometimes it works like normal, but more often than not it doesnt. I know its something with the stick because my old round 1 te still works fine, as does my sons standard stick. Obviously its past the warranty period but anyone got any ideas or solutions?

USB cable?

That or the breakaway cable.

possibly i tried it with the breakaways from the other sticks, and still nothing, so maybe its the main cable?(even though i checked for any tears or cuts, and nothing. if it is the cable, is that something i can replace easily? thx

Sounds like another issue with someone wrapping their cables around their stick.
Easy to repair, just a simple cut and splice near the area by the cord compartment