Problems with dive kicking, getting thrown

Akuma’s dive kick is crucial to his game and I’ve been trying to master the spacing required to successfuly combo off of a connected dive kick. Obviously different ranges of demon flips at certain distances are required to be successful but my question is, what is a good way to avoid being thrown right after a dive kick?

Sometimes when I do a standard jump into a dive kick using mk, the hit connects too high and two things can happen.

  1. They block, which almost always results in me getting thrown.
  2. I hit them and they recover from the hit just to throw me. So I have to throw to tech their throw.

Other than executing a tatsu after the dive kick, is there anything else I can do to effectively deal with the throw? Is demon flipping a viable option?

p.s. We play on PS2 so yes…I get thrown out of the chop…grrrrr

you need to be able to tell if its gonna combo or not. if it hits but you are unsure its going to combo into a mk, use fp srk cause that will combo even if you hit the highest hair on their head :rofl: if they block i would go for the demon flip or tech the throw.

Hey, FP srk…I didn’t think of that. I’ve used it before but I didn’t know that it would combo even if you landed the dive kick too high. I’ll have to mess with that in future matches and training sessions. Definitely adds to the mixup. Thanks!

if your divekick was well spaced (so hitting or getting blocked on their lower part of the sprite) there’s no chances they can throw you if you try stuff like c.LK or s.HP.

if you see your divekick being blocked too high, mk/hk.tatsu is usually a good choice to deal with throws, but I also like to go straight into another demon flip: you can punish their whiff (if they decided to throw) or go into mixups if they decided to keep blocking :smiley: