Problems that i'am having

I’am getting creamed by these ppl who can do these long intricate combos where i can barely pull off a 3 hit combo. The combo i been practicing now for the past several hours is a simple one which is a leaping into HK then crouching LP,MP then follow up with a shoryuken. half the time i can get the punches out but never the shoryuken and i’m getting quite flustered that i can’t pull what seems to be a simple combo. What can i possibly do to improve my win condition? are there somehow easier combos that don’t know? or is it possible to win games without having to do much combos at all? any tips would be great

You’re presumably “chain” the lp into the mp. Chained normals can only be canceled by a stronger normal (HP/HK in this case), EX Special Moves (ex shoryuken) or super arts.<br>Try inputting c.lp, slower, with a clear pause between them.<br><br>Just hit the training move and experiment around and train your links. The combo threads in the subforum of your characters is also a great help to see what combos your characters can pull off.<br>

yeah the punches i can get off half the time it’s the shoryuken that i have a problem with<div><br></div>

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<div class=“QuoteText”>yeah the punches i can get off half the time it’s the shoryuken that i have a problem with<div><br></div></div>

What I tried to tell you, is that you CAN’T cancel a chained normal into a special move (shoryuken). you have to hit c.lp and then WAIT A TINY BIT and then NOT c.lp and instantly<br>

so there has to be a small pause in between the punches on order to get the special out. i’ll try that and see how it goes

Wrong thread

Just do the ABC combos. Jam light medium hard hard to get a character switch then hit medium hard.

Thats a 6 hit combo. Just hit them fast in that order and you’ll be alright. You welcome.

Note that crouching LP does not link into crouching MP! So you’ll need to do something like this in order to hit-confirm with Ken:

  • cr. LP chain into cr. MP cancel into EX Shoryuken/EX Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku/EX Hadouken
  • cr. LP chain into cr. MP chain into stand HK cancel into Launcher
  • cr. LP, link stand LP, link cr. MK cancel into HK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
  • cr. LP chain into cr. MK chain into cr. HK

And there are others. Just be aware that when chaining moves together, you must use an EX move or Launcher (HP + HK) to cancel them. Also, some moves can’t be canceled even by EX moves during a chain, such as Ken’s far stand HP.

Also, starting hit-confirms with cr. LK is also a good idea since it is faster than cr. LP and hits low.

Guys sometimes i can do a 4 hit combo with Vega ( M ST + SHP + C HK ) but i don’t know how to do a decent punish string with noboby :frowning: but some howarang , heihachi and kaz combos are annoying me to the death … and i don’t figure it out how to do this yet with no other char … only tekken chars can this annoying combos that pluck your char from the ground ( is this because ground bounce ? seriosly ? :S ) thank you for any help

BnB Punish Combo for Vega:

Close Standing HK (while this move connects hold down back for a charge)
linked into Crouching MP (if you really need ease or the connection is bad you can substitute c.MP for c.LP but the MP isn’t hard to do)
canceled into MK Scarlet Terror (hold down back charge as this move is connecting again)
into HK Scarelet Terror (either tag cancel it here or use Bloody High Claw)

Shouldn’t this start with Close Standing HP, not HK?

Oops, wrong thread. x_x

I suggest you do j.HK, xx Shoryuken. It has more damage.

No way, > cr.hp xx Shoryuken! Best damage!

…or you could do something like… > > > xx Donkey kick / tatsu / hadouken / Launcher

assuming the OP is newbie:

  • > denotes a link
  • xx denotes a cancel
  • / denotes a choice (because I like to break tradition and only type one line instead of 4 seperate combos)

Also, it sounds like the OP may not fully understand the difference between a link and a chain/cancel (possibly coming from something like marvel where everything and its mother is just one big chain cancel) so…

cancel/chain: When you go into another move while the first is still active. Usually performed by rolling your face on the buttons with somewhat lenient timing.

link: Waiting for a move to finish it’s animation frames and THEN inputting the second move (which connects if you do it right because your opponent is still in hitstun animation). Requires specific timing.

Yeah. It was a typo. I put a K instead of a P. Btw, it seems the crouching LP and MP actually both have the same start-up frames. So always go with the MP. I wondered why Vega seemed way more difficult to play post patch. His c.LP, c.LP is now a freaking 1 frame link, haha. I got to start using c.LK more now it seems.

To the OP: You may want to watch this video:

I watched this when I first got into fighting games (technically this game). It’ll help you understand the difference between chains and links. When I first started playing this game, the chain/link concept also confused me. The Boost System in this game made it even harder to understand the difference, haha. I was essentially playing this game for like two weeks only using chains lol.

Actually, the best damage is meaty, Solar Plexus Strike xx Shoryuken! :smiley:

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Thanks for posting this!

I can’t land ibuki’s raida after her tc6 x tc3. Can anyone help thx