Problems landing ultra after cr. HP xx ex. seismo, RH BK

When I first starting playing Viper I was able to land this combo 80% - 90% of the time. Now after focusing on practicing a lot of Viper’s more complex strategies, this basic combo keeps missing for me. Almost everytime I try to land this combo my opponent ends up being too far from viper when I try to land the ultra. I have no idea what has changed about my execution over the last few months. Has anyone else had this problem and overcome it? Am I executing the BK too early or too late? Missing this ultra is a big miss so I’d like to figure this out if I could. Thanks.

I recently went back to practice/perfect this combo. Best results to hitting the ultra is to do it the last moment before the BK wiffs, by doing that, the SF physics hits the opponent at a higher arc rather than hitting them early and having them flying to far.
If you can get used to doing a later burning kick at anytime after Seismo, this will help landing the ultra almost 95% of the time because it seems that it won’t be very strict afterwards. It’s kinda like Ryu’s DP FADC Ultra 1, it’s rare to get the ultra to hit if you do it too early.

Depends on your bk execution, they come out too early I guess.
However… this setup is really unrealiable, some char models cannot be hit consistently with this (at least for me). C.hp, ex seismo should now always be followed by sjc fadc sweep/ultra, btw the motion is supposed to be easier in ssf4.

For me it’s all about timing the Burning kick correctly. I can always land the ultra if I do the RH BK at the last possible moment :

[media=youtube]HXesfYORSpc#t=2m05s[/media] (fooled around in training mode a couple of days ago)

It’s a bit tricky and can’t be done against some characters. For example, I can never connect the ultra when I’m playing against Zangief. Or maybe it’s my flawed inputs…who knows. Hopefully it’s easier in SSFIV like kraal implied.

Not sure if it’s exclusively in the corner but there are some characters that cannot be hit after the BK then Ultra…I think E.Honda cannot be it with that combo.

Thanks for all the good info. What you’re saying about needing to execute the BK late makes sense. I’m sure with all my instant BK practicing I’m just rushing it now. @kraal I know I need to learn to do free fadc to sweep. Do you know what change will make this easier in ssf4?