Problem with turns in sfv

I recently started playing street fighter v, I played sf iv a long time ago and in a very informal way, but I have experience and knowledge of other fighting games, like mortal kombat or tekken, especially tekken is where I learned everything about fighting games. . (Frames, punish, etc.). What happens is that I found a very important difference in how turns work between these games. In tekken it is easy for me to see when a turn ends because of the natural combos, depending on whether the last hit is negative or positive, I know if I should attack or continue blocking, but in street fighter it is very different because the characters have individual attacks, and with those attacks you can make a combo, but those combos are not preset, they are different according to each player, and I do not know when they are making preassure or starting a combo, so I would appreciate any advice. I hope you have understood everything, since my English is not very good and I have some terms a bit fuzzy. thanks to everyone beforehand.

It’s frame data, just like any of those other games you listed.

For example: You just blocked a move.

Was the move minus at least 3 or 4 frames? Then it’s your turn probably.

Was the move plus? Then no, it is not your turn.

It’s not vastly different from other fighting games in that regard. You just gotta become more familiar with the situations people put you in. You’ll figure out the character specific frame traps just by playing enough.

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I guess i just have to get use to the game, the play style is quite more different that other fighting games I played before. Anyway, thank you for your reply :blush: