Problem with SE Fightstick buttons not working

I have a SE SF4 Fightstick for 360that I’ve modded myself with Sanwa parts. The problem I’m having is that after a certain amount of playtime (maybe an hour or so) the RT and LT stop responding.

If I unplug the stick then put it back in it starts working again fine for a while then the whole thing will happen again.

I have some replacement parts I could swap in but I wanted to get some opinions before I started taking things apart again.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks

Happens to me to, fuck madcatz…Its the pcb

Are you sure it’s not the wiring? I had a modded Virtua Stick where my B button stopped working, and it turned out a wire just got disconnected.

Yes, check the wiring, the microswitches and the joystick before assuming that the PCB is borked

I’ve checked the wiring, nothing is disconnected as far as I can tell (but I’m no expert)
I think I’ll have a closer look when I swap the buttons with the spares ive got, seems like the only thing I can try

I thought this was a pretty common thing w/ the madcatz…Its the same symptoms im experiencing, im using the SE PCB for my Viewlix Clone