Problem with QCF/QCB in air

I’m having a big problem with doing a QCB motion in air. In this particular case this is about Juri’s shikusen (the dive kick). I never actually learned to execute this motion properly but I did not needed it much in SF4 as characters I was playing were not using it. Now I want to learn to play with Juri badly and her shikusen is so essential move that I wont be able to play with her decently if I wont execute mid-air QCB with close to 100% efficiency.

I generally dont feel bad with all SF motions. I can spam hadokens and shoryukens all day long. I can do double QCF, HCF, double circles, Guile’s ultra. All with very decent efficiency. Yet mid-air QCB (same applies to QCF) is really destroying me. Usually when I dont feel like its my day of manual dexterity, I just input the directions more slowly (also as guide here indicates) or buffer them while jumping in. I guess the problem with mid-air QCB for me is the fact I CANT do it slowly or buffer it in any way. Becouse if I do it slowly Juri will be already close to the ground which means I have failed (it should be launched from peak altitutde). Also the need of moving the stick up dont really put any window for starting to buffer anything. The biggest issue seems to be the fast and precise transition between up and down direction.

Yesterday I spent almost 2 hours in training mode just spamming this one move and effects are terrible. I manage to do it on perhaps 1 of every 5 tries, even less when I get frustrated. I can do 20 sucessful double QCB in a row so I dont think its the problem with QCB alone. Learning curve usually tells you to start doing a motion slowly and then gradualy increase the speed while you get more used to it. But this cant be done with mid-air QCB where speed of input is the biggest factor. This also (apart from doing the up, down move too slow) promotes me to get hasty and often pressing the kick button before B direction is in place) - something I dont usually do with normal QCB or HCB.

I really hate to think that I will need to abandon learning Juri becouse of such stupid issue. I know it sounds noobish but what can I do. I need to learn to spam this move consistently or else its useless. Does anyone have some tips regarding this motion? Maybe some sort of shortcut, buffering technique or a simple mindset of executing mid-air QCF/QCB? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Btw. I use a korean AS with fanta bat-shaped stick.

You just have to do it faster.

Also don’t try to jump and THEN do the move. You instead jump and immediately do the move, don’t wait for the jump to come out just do it right away.

Read the excecution sticky at the top of the forum and practice more, there is no trick to it.

maybe you shouldnt be “spaming” the motion. slow it down, think of the move as two deliberate steps. 1 is the jump, forward, back or neutral, and the other is just the same ol qcb youve been doin of a year or more.

dunno if this is what youre doing but for now dont try n dive kick right after her jump starts like youre countering a fireball. just hit the qcb at the apex of her jump or w/e is comfortable for you and gradually increase the speed once you get it consistantly. try n shoot for 10 er 5 in a row and then do it a lil sooner.

hope that helps, i had the same problem with juri day 1 but its been a lil bit and im way more comfortable with dive kicking over fireballs on reaction. id say ive got those about 70 % of the time


: ( for conflicting messages…

looks like Kelter Skelter beat me to it and has VERY diff advice. try em both and see what works for you i 'spose.

Well im talking doing it like :uf::qcf:+:k: instead of :uf: wait to be in air :qcf:+:k:

is NEVER a good idea.

and for the record I was talking more about Ryus tatsumaki or the like(kind of like the title says: in air QCB moves). Juris dive kick DOES need to be done a little slower BUT, if you suck then even doing it right away is likely to be too slow which means you’ll end up doing right when you’re suppose to.

By doing it quickly you end up compensating for being too slow to do it at the apex of her jump.

After playing with Viper for a bunch, I feel the advice of thinking of it as one move works better. Trying to super jump then burning kick in mid-air is pretty similar even with an extra input. Once I thought of it as one movement I was getting it much easier.

“One move” is definitely what I was trying to say. It’s not a jump and then it a move it’s a jumping move.

Lol, I roll all my air inputs.





When I first started out, I also had this problem. I find it very useful to overcompensate for the motion. So instead of doing qcb in the air, I do a backwards tiger knee.

uf,d,db,b,ub + K

And Keiter Skelter is right, you should do it as one motion.