Problem with pelican ps2/ps3 converter

im using a hrap2 with the pelican converter to play 3S on my ps3, and sometimes when i press R2/roundhouse, i get a [ ]/jab instead. anyone else have a problem similar to this?

I get this too, but it wasn’t just with my converter. It does this when I play on my keyboard too.

like on kaillera?
if so then maybe its just kaillera and my converter is okay :slight_smile:

Heya man, I’m posting you a response in the Controller Adapter/Converter Thread.

I have a feeling that its a Kaillera problem because I’ve never had this problem happen to me while playing by myself.

yeah me too, i just sat there on the controller configuration screen for a good 3 minutes pressing R2 and it only registered as the correct button. must be kaillera.
now im not afraid that its my stick or converter, just kaillera

thanks :slight_smile: