Problem with on line mode (cant connect to Live)

Hi all

I am from Greece and I have bought the game (edition for PC) from

The problem is that I cannot connect to Live from the game menu. What I mean: I have created a Live acount (I have set as my country the UK because Live is not supported in Greece), I can log in without any problem when I am in windows, I have a gamertag. When I run the game and I tell it to log in LIVE, I give my e mail address and the code, it sais that it is downloading my profile and after some seconds I recieve an error. I have tried to make an new email and new LIVE account (with UK as my country) but the same problem.

Any idea?

p.s. I entered the code at the back of the manual when I installed the game. Do I have to enter it in LIVE as well? If yes, tell me where to enter it plz.

I had this problem and it was simply that Live needed to update. If you run live outside of SF4, it should do it automatically.