Problem with MadCatz SE Stick

So i bought a MadCatz SE a while ago.I replaced the buttons and joystick with sanwa parts which i love.When i was putting in the buttons i put one of the quick disconnects on the wrong button.Which wasnt a problem i just changed around the button config a little in street fighter

Now yesterday out of boredom i thought id go and fix it.Opened it up and did it and was working fine for about half an hour,This is where the problems start.Only two of the button works,jab and medium kick.And the stick is registering down back constantly even though its in the neutral position.I opened it up to see what was going on.I worked out it was not the actual buttons that weren’t working.Because when i touched the two metal parts of the quick disconects it did not register the input.Only the wires for jab and medium kick worked.So from what i can tell the wiring is shot somewhere

Can anyone help?

Photos of the insides of you stick would be needed for us to see whats wrong.