Problem with Hugo's commands

I’m sure many of you have witnessed or have been victim of getting a random DP when inputting something else like a command throw.

There have been several situations for me at least where you could of command grabbed the opponent but instead whizz off across the screen and receive a punish.

I really hope Capcom do something about this.
Is it worth sending a message to Combofiend over Twitter?

There’s isn’t a problem with Hugo’s commands. The problem is your execution. Shortcuts might work for other characters, but it’s not going to work with Hugo. You just have to tighten your commands up.

I think there’s been more, but the only 2 actual command input errors I can think of were on Fei Long and Gouken, both of them would get a special by inputting 646 P/K. Unless Hugo has an issue like that, which I don’t believe he does, then it’s all execution like Mafamaticks said.

Gotta keep it crispy

There is a problem though. The input in the video for example is clearly not a DP.
I shouldn’t need to work around the execution of something if doing a circle is giving me the command for a DP.
That is clearly not what they intend that input to give.

yeah so I sort of do wish all of Hugo’s specials required stricter inputs since there is so much overlap…


  • 323 K ( df, d, df ) works, like the DP shortcut you don’t need to input the forward direction

Ultra Throw:

  • 614 K ( f, db, b ) works believe it or not, this is probably why it comes out sometimes when getting crossed up
  • 3214 K (df, d, db, b ) works
  • 6321 K ( f, df, d, db ) DOES NOT work

Moonsault SPD

  • 632147 P ( f, df, d, db, b, ub ) which is the SPD shortcut, will work


  • 6321478 P ( f, df, d, db, b, ub, u ), which is 1 more direction of rotation than the SPD shortcut, is required

Palm Breaker and Lariat both have no input leniency