Problem with adding jump cancel touch toy in combo

I am trying to do the a normal combo but when I do the rolling buckler H>M and then L, M, 3M to jc into MMHS my motion will be taken as a tiger knee and felicia will do rolling buckler again after the toy touch. I tried slowing down but then the jump wont be fast enough and my air combo will wiff.

Any tip for this? I have been trying to do the combo for at least a total of 3 hours between the past 5 days so don’t tell me to keep trying please ._.

I’ve never had an issue with that particular part. If you’re getting a TK’d RB it means you have to be doing lm23m69m or something similar to that (I would be surprised if the game has leniency and accepts 369 as a TK QCF). That being the case, the only advice I would have is do what you can to avoid hitting that 2.

Unfortunately, given what issue you’re having that’s the only thing I can suggest, though.

Thinking about it (away from the game), I want to say you actually have a fair amount of time on the m>3m link so take your time and be as precise as possible or try to make a point of going to 6 first rather than 2. (lm63m69mmhs?)

Hope you getting it working, though. :3

You are totally right man. I put the inputs to show on training and I was definitely doing lm23m69m the whole time I got the TK RB. I don’t know what to do because I noticed that when facing the left side of the screen my finger never touches the 2 but when doing the combo on the right side I somehow always touch the 2…
I think its because since I play on pad the stick of the ps3 controller is in the way and I cant touch the 3 without it getting in the way.

I will definitely try to do lm63m69mmhs but since you need to be so fast with felicia I turn it a mess and not go down to 3 and just get another stading M x(

Oh well, thanks for the help!

Thanks for the help man your advice definitely help me pull the combo and now I can almost do that part flawlessly. Though a new problem arrived :frowning:
After the toy touch MMHS when I fall to the ground I am trying to link the sH into the falling body but sometimes I will hit it and others my attack will simply be missed. Is there something I can take as a guide of when I can possibly hit the falling body or is this something many struggle with?

I’m assuming you’re trying to do something like Rolling Buckler > Slide > sLM > Toy Touch > jMMHS (jMMHS) sH cH S.

If you only do one jMMHS loop, perform it almost as quickly as possible and press sH the moment you hit the ground. If you do two jMMHS loops, I find that it’s usually best to delay the jS in each of those loops for almost as long as possible. Exact timing will be more strict against characters with shorter hitboxes.

If you want to play it safe, make sure to cancel the sH into cH at the end after only 1 hit of the sH connects. Depending on spacing, sometimes all 3 hits of sH will connect and sometimes they’ll drop out after 1 hit. Usually, all 3 hits will connect if the jMMHS loops are performed mid-screen, but if you do the combo in the corner, make sure to jump forward for the first jMMHS loop and straight up for the second loop. If you jump forward for the second loop then you can usually only get 1 hit of sH.

Thanks tried all of this yesterday and kind of got the rhythm down a little bit. The thing I hate is that mostly now I can only rely on playing online since most of the people I played offline have gotten bored of the game. Wished that Felicia was easier to use online… the rhythm for her moves don’t translate really well with all the online lag. Anyone has problem linking stuff with her online or do I just need to keep trying on and not limit myself to her easy combos online.

Bored of MAHVEL? Impossible, the salt this game brings when I win matches brings sugar to my lips.

Dude, I know exactly what you mean and honestly. If you’re doing ranked online with Felicia. Just don’t. The game isn’t nearly as fun and is more frustrating than anything.

That said, I did some player matches yesterday and quite enjoyed them. I don’t know if this’ll help or not but it’s something.

Yea are definitely right. online ranked with Felicia can be a pain because I am mostly going against Vergil/Wesker/Zero/Doom etc. To my understanding since these characters have easy hit confirms lag doesn’t affect them as much, but with Felicia you gotta think fast and any slow movement will make a character pop out of her combos. I have fun playing as her but only if the lag is minimal.

Which character do you replace Felicia with when you are having a bad time with her?

My team is Ghost Rider/Felicia/Hawkeye

Well, to be honest, I don’t replace her. I just don’t play ranked. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I guess I’d try my back up team of Nova/Iron Fist/Taskmaster