Problem wiring a p360

hmm I’ve been searching for hours and I havent found anything to help my problem.

I’m trying to wire a p360 stick to a ds1 pcb. I’ve checked and rechecked my wiring everything is soldered to the correct spots, but if i connect the +5v wire from the p360 to the power wire on the ds1 the controller automatically reads that the right direction is being held, all other directions work when you press them, but right is stuck. Anyone know why this could be? It ONLY happens when i connect the power to the p360.

Whats a DS1, yes I know Im dense.

dualshock 1 == ps1 dualshock 1

Is the solder joint correct?

ha, metrock i hate you. there was some solder on the middle part of the contact, i didn’t think it mattered, but i resoldered it and now it works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks Dawg :smokin:

I’m curious as to what you’re using as your 5V source from the pad?

the red wire

that only give off a 3.3V

3.3 is enough ^

I had this exact problem when I first hooked up my 360. I think theres 2 voltage sources or possibly numerous voltage sources depending the on the pad your using. When I hooked mine up, I had it on the wrong voltage spot so when I touched the + wire from the 360 to it, it would lock up a direction and my buttons acted weird like lk moving up and etc…

I just kept touching it to different spots on the board till I finally found a powersource that didn’t fuck up my inputs and that pretty much solved the problem. It couldn’t hurt to just try different spots and see what you controller does then. Hope that helps.