Problem getting a PS2/one stick to work on Windows/JoyToKey

Hello! (I searched for joy2key and joytokey before making this thread.)

I have two custom sticks with PSone Dual Shock PCBs that I’m trying to get to work for windows games. I purchased a Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter based on advice in the ultimate converter thread. Both sticks seem to work perfectly in the control panel test menu, but both seem to have a problem with mapping “UP” properly in JoyToKey.

Under JoyToKey, whenever the stick is centered, it registers as an UP movement. UP on the stick registers nothing. After trying all 32 different button maps in JoyToKey, “UP” is not miss-mapped to another button. Both sticks do this. Be it that they are both fine in the control panel test menu, it would seem that there is a problem with JoyToKey. I’ve heard that there are actually multiple versions out there, this is the one I downloaded.

Thank you in advance for any advice you might offer to fix this.

Yup, JoyToKey didn’t work for some reason. I tried Xpadder and it works perfectly.