Problem connecting 360 to a wireless n router and causing lagging online

I recently moved back to my parents house for t.g. break and they got a new wireless N-router, and the white wireless G adapter I have for my 360 is causing lag. atleast i think so. I never have this problem at school with my wireless G-router, I even connected my xbox directly to the router and it STILL lags badly whenever I play ssf4 online, its downright unplayable.

Could it be the ISP you’re playing on?

What is the tier speed?

Depending on your school’s internet connection, you could be suffering just because of the fact that their internet is superior to whatever you have where you’re at currently.

At any rate, connecting a Wireless G card to a Wireless N router shouldn’t cause problems, as the router would be backwards compatible with G. Moreover, if you’re suffering from lag even hard wired, then it’s got to be the ISP.

One way you could pinpoint whether it’s the router or the ISP is to connect your 360 directly to the modem, no router in between. If it still lags, it’s the ISP. If it runs perfectly fine, it could be the router.

Also need to make sure no one else is doing any network intense operations on the network too. If someone’s downloading a torrent or doing some heaving bandwidth usage, you’re going to get lagged on.

So if it runs fine directly in the modem, there is either no one else on the router or no one doing anything heavy, it’s the router. If not, it’s the ISP, and that could be anything from wire problems to what speed you’re provisioned for or heavy network traffic on your central office.