Problem canceling into special moves

OK, I was in practice mode trying out combos with Ken and I couldn’t combo into his super kick combo to save my life. The combo I attempted was:

s. HK xx super kick combo

I only did it once, the other times he did a hurricane kick or his leaping overhead kick. I soon discovered that he would do those moves WITHOUT me hitting the kick button for the combo! I encountered a similar problem with a d. MK into a horizontal roll with Blanka. He was doing the leaping roll without me hitting another button.

What’s up with that? I’m playing the GC game (don’t hate, it’s all I have :frowning: ), but I’ve had the problem on several different versions.

That’s called “negative edge.” The game allows specials and supers to be initiated after you do the motion and release the appropriate button. What’s happening is this: with Ken, you are pressing standing roundhouse, doing the motion (QCBx2), and releasing the button somewhere within the joystick motion. The directional inputs for a hurricane kick and the overhead are included in the super motion. To prevent this, you can try holding roundhouse, then pressing a different kick button for the super, or simply releasing roundhouse after you complete the motion.