Problem after second cr. lk -> lp hayate

after i land the second consecutive cr. lk -> lp hayate, i notice they’re too far away for a karakusa. sometimes they wise up and jump away and i can hit them with a cr. rh, but if they don’t i’m just kinda stuck there blocking low. i play on a controller and my thumb isn’t quick enough for a kara-karakusa… any advice?

make sure u use roundhouse kara for max range
and option is kara chop. it will either leave them getting raped for damage or you will be +4 on block.

There’s this thread with all the options after a hayate, you should check it out. I personally feel that x hayate is inferior to x hayate. The later puts you in the same range over and over so you can do it forever. Also, for the followup to hit it’s usually because they pressed a button or are trying to jump away so using would only be worse than if they parried high or blocked high only after a connected Hayate and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. If you insist on using then there are some guesses that I personally would use in your situation:
parry low (cus ppl like to press buttons)
dash forward (if they jump you’d possibly cross under, if not then throw or w/e)
towards jump instant EX Tsurugi (overhead that also catch ppl jumping away, if only one hit connects you can juggle after)

How do you do roundhouse kara karakusa?

Edit: Nevermind xD I was thinking of kara-ing a roundhouse into a roundhouse karakusa.

You can do that, it’s not very easy but it works:

ahh, cool. i thought that after the second hayate you’re just placed out of karakusa range reguardless of what you cancelled into (be it a cr. mp,, s. lk or s. fp).

one thing i see people do a lot (i personally ALWAYS fall for it) is when they tick a s. lk into an ex chop after a hayate. i’m on some sega saturn looking controller so it’s damn near impossible.

thanks for helping me out guys.

just use your fingures instead of your thumb =p

after the first c. lk -> lp hayate, i will usually do s. lk -> lp hayate or xx EX oroshi. Works well and looks cool