Private Torrent Tracker Invitation Thread

These threads always show up whether it’s Blackcats, Demonoid, Oink, whatever. I decided to just make a thread dedicated to any private torrent tracker.

Demonoid invites
Oink invites


I don’t seek an invitation to Blackcats or MMA-Tracker.

Let’s see what you guys got.

Sep's Note: Here's how it's going to work. If you sign up to SRK just to ask for an invite, I will ban you, no questions asked. And you won't get an invite either, so don't bother.

i have a demonoid invite to trade for an oink invite or if any one wants to give me an oink that would be sweet…

Demonoid invites
Blackcats (gimmie a few days for another invite)


If anyone has a spare blackcats invitation, I’d gladly accept
edit: thnx

Sorry, Cheggit doesn’t have an invite system.

Aw dammit!

Anyone with an eBooks tracker?

What is necessary for registration there? Just one invite from another person? I have never used a private tracker before, but I’m interested in that place.

Anybody happen to have a spare bitseduce invite?

Is Cheggit better than PureTNA?

I am looking for one for PW torrents or any other wrestling torrent site that I will trade for a Demonoid one once I get more codes in my account.

If anyone wants to hook up a BlackCats invite, I’d be obliged. Thanks.

thanks hoonyo… you rock…

what is blackcats?

i got demonoid and torrentleech but only for trade. :smokin:


So I’ve been using demonoid for about a month (thanks shinkuur!) and haven’t been able to generate any invites. What is the criteria?

I"m lookin’ for an oink invite.

i’m looking for an oink, demonoid and/or blackcats invite, but i don’t have anything for trade. =/

i’m sorry. well, i have rep for trade, i guess. (haha)

A couple things but a pretty educated guess would be your ratio, amount uploaded, time there, and how long it was since you last created invite codes.

My stats were here:

Uploaded: 3.52 GB
Downloaded: 1.85 GB

Ratio: 1.91

when I got 3 invite codes.

im willing to trade a demonoid for a black cat invite.

pm me…

I have invites for Pro wrestling Torrents, I know there are fans of rasslin on here.

I would really appreciate an oink account, and mma-tracker.

Thanks a lot.