Printing Template Help

I plan on modding another arcade stick but i just never can figure out how to correctly print the Mad Catz Standard Edition Template on either a printer at home or at a local Fed Ex Office. I keep reading around that the file you download from that capcom unity website that it is the exact size to print. Well everytime i print, there is either clipping around the art or either it’s too small. Can anyone help me out? I want to be able to get this right the first time i get a lami label at Fed Ex Office so I’m not wasting money on something that doesn’t fit over my arcade stick. I also have never touched the size or setting of the template at all when i downloaded it.

And for those curious with the artwork im using:

The Template from Capcom Unity is not accurate.
Also, the computers at FedEx Kinko’s are default to scale the image.
You have to tell the person printing that you want 100% (No Scale) at 300 DPI.

So do i have to modify my file before hand and then tell them specifically how i want it printed?

No, you do not modify.
Everything in the Template stays unchanged.
Except for the circles on the Template, that has to be turned off.

I see your Template has the blue surround the buttons.
The Capcom Template you used is not accurate.
Your design relies on an accurate Template.
This will not work.

Go to the Template Thread and download the one made by d3v.
It is better.

I would get Template from blklightning21 or arthong though.
Since they traced the Panel themselves to make Custom Metal Panel and Acrylic.
Both blklightning21 and arthong have not uploaded the stock Mad Catz SE Template to their websites though.

I was able to download d3v’s template which looks a lot better and when i duplicated all my layers over to d3v’s template, my layers were totally not matching up, which is a good thing that you pointed out that the one i had was not accurate. Thank you. Now i hope this prints successfully with no clipping when i go to get it lami-labeled as well