Printing Arcade Stick Artwork

I don’t have any kinko’s anywhere in my area so where’s a good place where I can get my artwork printed. (I live in Winnipeg, MB and have a hrap3 BTW) This is also assuming that I’m using the templates from arts hobbies.

Staples, Office Depot.
Small print shops.

will the templates from fit propperly? because on the the template itself it says that they’re made for kinkos and may not be formated properly on other printers.

The lines were calibrated for one machine at one Kinko’s at his place so that his laser cutter can cut exactly.
arthong now moved to another place, and he prints the art himself now, so it doesn’t matter.

You supposed to print without the lines anyways.
arthong turns them off when he bring to Kinko’s and now himself.

thank you very much for the info and quick replies!

For ultra sick crazy quality I would also suggest Expensive but unbeatable.

This thread might be relevant.