Price Comparison?

I’ve been itchin’ to getting my hands on a stick…either making one or buying a custom made…
so my question is!:

Price-wise, what’s cheaper? Making my own or buying one?

And if it’s cheaper, could somebody link me to a tutorial which got them started?

I would think paying a little more for one thats built is worth it, than trying to build one completely by yourself just to save a little. Save yourself the headaches especially if you don’t have the proper tools for it.

Or at least buying something with the case, wiring, and PCB already done. Then you can do the rest, such as in the case of the SF Anniversary stick. I would recommend that.

The SF anniversary stick? But the box is so…ugly. :sweat:

The case is quite nice i think, and you can put your own artwork on it if you want.

I keep hearing the Hori Real Arcade sticks being recommended so why not get one of those, specially since the ps3 USB version just came out:wink:

buying is way cheaper. But building one is very educational and fun and more rewarding.

is the hori real arcade pro really as good as they say??

is it true? why is it that good!!! what makes it so good almost everybody has one???

It has a sanwa stick in there, and also has easy to switch snap-in buttons making it a easy mod the buttons if you wish to so.

ohoh so thats why lotta people buy it?

is the HRAP 2 better then the HRAP1 or HRAP CFJ?

CFJ HRAP is the HRAP1 with CFJ artwork

HRAP2 closely mimics an arcade cab layout while the HRAP1 is more similar to Hori’s NeoGeo Fighting Stick layout just with a sanwa stick.

I’d go for which ever feels more comfy.

thanx for answering these questions~

but is s HRAP good enough without modding the buttons to sanwa cuz i think where i live it’s almost impossible to buy sanwa parts…also HRAP is expensive= =

It’s worth modding the buttons… Hori buttons are okay I guess, but once you get some Sanwa’s in there it’s so much better…

i might be buying a hori pro mabey when my hori buttons are broken i’ll switch the buttons~but it’s very hard to find parts in Taiwan…