Pressure Tactics - The way he works best

Hey Guys (pun intended) lets get Guy community skills up with the other characters.

List your best Guy tactics that you know work well for applying pressure safely. I’ll only list a few for now, I’d really like to hear what tactics other Guys use.

Try not to flame other peoples tactics, some things work better for others, as timing is usually the difference in effective pressure.

Wake-up Pressure Normals/Uniques:

(Overhead) f+mp,, - leading in with a overhead always puts people off, I find this string to be useful with minimum punishment in the heat of battle.

(Ninja Sickle) df+hk - very useful for keeping the opponent on their toes on wakeup, and good for conditioning a block wakeup, setting you up for U2, and walk-in throws.

Safe Specials:

(Spaced Hazontos) qcb+p - Great chip damage pressure, really frustrates players, to make this safe, buffer your backward dash, barely anything can punish this on block. Also like to do this to focus whores, as it is ex armour breaking.

Quick Tip When you fight shotos, from full screen, focus dash through first fireball and followup with a mp hazonto, thats the distance you want to know the most!

Looking forward to your posts!

Unfortunately, regardless of skill you have t be careful of his pressure… I dont know how many times i’ve waited for the opponent to get up from knockdown and still whiff, especially his overhead and cr. jab his pressure tools also seemed to get grabbed regardless of when you execute them its annoying… Also the ninja is a pain when you get grabbed mid strike animation… yet Rose can air throw him… Capcom make up your mind is his feet on the ground or not…

Really his pressure is high risk … high punishment lol just like Makoto… Capcom no longer rewards offense like they claim…

So my suggestion especially with this crappy online is to really let loose because if you play it safe or go at them like a charging bull one mistake or knockdown in either situation will put you in the same spot so you might as well make them work for it (well half the cast has to work the other gets somewhat of a free pass… makes you work nd takes the credit)

Keep in mind that I’m not trying to flame these, but merely clear up a few things.

If your opponent is blocking, that is the opposite of a set-up for U2. Since you can jump out of the grab after the freeze frame, doing nothing(blocking) will allow them to see the Ultra freeze, hold up, evade the throw, and drop down with a combo of their choice. You want to bait out a move for an U2 set-up.

A couple things about Houzanto.

Light Houzanto is -2 on block. That means that T.Hawk and Zangief get a free, guaranteed reversal command throw if they block it.

Canceling normals into light houzanto is tricky.

1)Canceling far into light Houzanto leaves a 3~4 frame window(I’m not exactly sure), for the opponent to do something in between the punch and the shoulder. This is good to counter-hit people that are crouch teching, but will get owned by shoryukens and grapplers spamming command grabs.

  1. Canceling the target combo xx st.hp into light Houzanto is (from what I can tell so far) a completely solid blockstring. This is the safest way to use Houzanto. Remember though, -2 on block, free SPD/Raging Slam for Zangief/T.Hawk. Also, it’s super punishable by Chun, Sagat,and other 1/2 frame supers.

I’d like to add the run-stop mix-up to the list of pressure options. Because sometimes, the best pressure you can put on someone is false.

far canceled into run-stop is ~-6 on block. So it is unsafe to mashers and quick reaction people. However, it looks a lot Guy is going to do something, so intelligent players(read: non-mashers) will have a hard time punishing it.

Target combo xx st.hp xx run-stop leaves Guy completely safe, AS LONG AS THE RUN-STOP IS DONE CORRECTLY. Guys run is 1 frame start-up, and his sudden stop is 17 frames. xx st.hp puts the opponent in blockstun for 19 frames. 19-(17+1)= 1 frame leniency for inputting this command correctly. However, if you do it right, it is completely safe to reversal shoryus, as well as 1 frame supers, Chun Li’s Senretsukyaku).

I especially like this pressure tactic, and the punishability of a baited dp moves or even throwing afterwards… niiiice!!

Also, thanks for the constructive crit, I like and believe framedata, but at the same time, I know reflex and re-action times will have a drastic effect on the odds. Some of the fastest re-action times are .024 split seconds + the movement of a circular motion, even buffered reduce the chance that a skilled player can pull of the reversal with consistent results, although you are correct on a statistical level. I play the game like poker, by increasing your odds, you either win big or lose hard, but atleast the odds are in your favour, meaning the more you have those odds in your favour the more likely are going to win. But on the same token, these pressure tactics are intended for a level playing field, and wouldn’t be used on all occassions, just the basic tactic/command and what they can do, as for timing and distance and the rigth and wrong time to do these, it is more up to the player to understand their opponents habbits.

Demon Flip Mixup Pressure:

(elbow or flip) cr.lp, cr.lp,, qcf+lp -> p - Great options for applying pressure and to keep opponent on their feet, if they stand or reverse they get thrown, if they crouch they get elbowed and opened for more strings, maybe an idea to option select a throw if they block the elbow.

Keep them coming, I’m sure these will improve allot of Guy players game, even if they are silly little tricks, I’m sure the more we brainstorm the sooner Guy will become a force to be reckoned with!

Corner Shenanigan’s:
On knocking an opponent down in the corner/throwing an opponent into the corner, I exercise/mix-up three options…

1:Cross up mk (you end up in the corner) into target combo into Fierce bushin flip. It’ll usually score you some juicy damage, and mess with your opponent.

2:Pretend I’m crossing up, but wall jump. I’ll either complete the jump or elbow early to land closer to opponent.

3:Pretend I’m going for the opponent’s other side, and elbow into their wake-up (not good for shoto’s). Lead into whatever you want, usually a block string…

In all these options, it’s important to keep thinking/going and mix-up your opponent up… Get into their head

Ryu shinkuu is actually 3 frames, not 2 or 1 and will not punish LP hozanto on block. Also keep in mind that reversals ultra are 1 frame faster than regular input for ultra [don’t know why but SSF4 engine works this way] so do well your maths when u go into pressuro strings or you’re gonna get kicked.
Also im interested in that MPHPxxRun stop, i’ve tryed this before and someone on this board sayd it was +1 on block but i think it’s somewhat negative advantage. I always get punsihed with Sagat super [2 frames], maybe i can’t get the right timing for the runstop. Can u make a vid for this please?

Sorry, was a bit vague with my first response.

For the Run>Stop make your run cancel out of the Target Combo treat it like a link, when it comes to the Stop portion of this technique I find double tapping lk the same way as your would double tap mk for a Run>Slide combo option, similar to spamming buttons :slight_smile: if you execution is off. See if that helps.

Awesome!! Great post. Very simple and effective, the wall jump with early elbow drop is a great way to get them off their guard, just gotta time it right so that it doesn’t whiff.

Level 1 + 2 Focus Throws: Must have some sort of control of your opponents movements, usually when they are scared of punishment.

**FA1 or 2 -> Dash Forward,, lp+lk **- Works well in all areas other than corners, as people have dendancy to reverse more when pressured in corners.
**FA1 or 2 -> Dash Back, qcb+lp, FADC, lp+lk **- Good for corner play, bit risky but great for mind games.

My mistake, good catch.

For the xx st.fp xx run-stop, what your advantage is after is highly dependent on how well you execute the move. I’ll post up a video tomorrow sometime.

Cool thanks, will try this.
Need to add another info i already posted somewhere else: Hozanto LP fadc is like 0/+1, someone please doublecheck this but i can always jump away from gief reversal ultra with this. Not sure about the advantage cuz this new stuff about reversal ultras being 1 frame faster than non reversal ultras is fucking everything up framewise.

Yes, video please!
Random note: U2 will catch shotos during their sho fadc sho fadc retardness, and they can’t jump away. Sho fadc is -1 on block

Question: who has a 1frame super [not a grab type]? Tryed chun super and ryu can block

I think Adon has a very fast super since it can combo off of a jab.

i dont know if ppl knew this but u can combo into u1 from HK or hp or mk jump, kind of pressurey?

Everyone can do it.

What about Target combo, run stop, ultra 2?

Guys run is 1 frame start-up, and his sudden stop is 17 frames. xx st.hp puts the opponent in blockstun for 19 frames. 19-(17+1)= +1. U2 is 1+1. = 0+1? Trades at least chuns super, Zangief SPD etc?

The Strong Fierce target combo into run stop is positive only on hit.

Guy starts the dash with any kick imput, start the motion with mk and piano imput on lk to cancel the dash. hope it helps.

Nope. Strong fierce target combo run-stop is safe on block. Daigo did it, and so can you. Watch this video at 8:30 ish. Daigo does strong fierce run-stop, and Dudley does a reversal EX uppercut. Daigo blocks.


Why would you even run stop if the combo hit? If it hits, you do shoulder or tatsu. You do run-stop, bushin, shoulder or nothing if it’s blocked.

Bait a DP or something you can punish I guess, sounds like a another trick to make your opponent hurt himself.

Because if Target Combo his you have a correct position for u2 at 1 frame away? 1 less frame than normal u2, 1+1. And safe setup on block.

At least you have another way to land u2. From my point of view, at least another mixup for the bag.

Sounds solid?.