Prequel: A tale of War

Both planets Rykus 5 and Tridian have been engaged in interplanetary warfare for around 5 years due to an extremely valuable substance named Rhidanium, which is mainly stored in Asteroids in the Vellium Belt.

Rykus 5 is a planet that is heavy on mining, and fairly advanced in its technology. They rely on their mining for business (namely the ore for the metal used to make their technology and various minerals) and profit. However due to material running low for their businesses, trade caravans began coming less and less. Rhidanium due to it?s high value is a means for Rykus to rebuild their economy.

Tridian is highly advanced in their technology often relying on it to make weapons and androids for sale to other militaries. However due to a large fuel defect that caused a massive explosion in a shipment of 200 security drones while being transported to the planet Yarus. The IFPR (Interplanetary Federation Planetary Regulation), which often counts on Tridian for excellent tools for planetary defense, sized the matter up and declared that thousands could have died due to this defect if it had made it to it?s destination, however this is the first it had occurred and gave Tridian 1 year to find and solve this problem, but until then there will be no more sales or transports from that planet. This decision lead to a severe cut in Tridian?s weapons, fuel, and research funding. Tridian was at a loss, the planet would eventually go into a huge economic downturn; Many people lost jobs and it became a free for all for money and food, leading to the Tridian Civil War.

2 years later Tridian researchers had discovered that Rhidanium has very useful fuel properties and actually can be used as a replacement to their original fuel source for weaponry and technology, as it was much safer. This lead to them pursuing Rhidanium with great ambition.

The conflict had started due to heavy claims on mining territory for both planets and one or the other crossing over into them for more land, shelter, or profit. This created a uneven struggle between both planets often to gain control over the Rhidanium. Often incidents occurred where a struggle or two broken out due to intrusion, but the real conflict had started when 3 Rykan miners were found burned to death in a Tridian research outpost where Tridian researchers were doing their new fuel compound testing. This lead to extreme hostility between both sides, but for different reasons.

Rykan officials had claimed that the deaths were no accident and that Tridian had simply became too violent in dealing with a somewhat minor infraction (trespassing), and that they had no right to kill three hard working men over it. While Tridian had gone on to question the motives of these men who were trespassing in a Tridian outpost in the first place. Calling them ?sneaky? and ?unethical? and even went on to accuse Rykus 5 of simply wanting to steal Tridian?s new fuel compound for a profit of their own. While still claiming the deaths of the Rykan men to be accidental.

What soon followed was a large public backlash against Tridian from Rykus 5. The families of the three men who had died lead a movement of boycott against Tridian technology. This didn?t affect Tridian much considering that sales and shipments weren?t being stopped to Rykus 5. Tridian citizens however became less angry about the situation as they were still dealing with the aftereffects of the Civil War and rebuilding the economy off of the newly successful fuel source.

Outraged at Tridian?s remorseless action, independent Rykan parties who had originally been part of the movement to boycott developed more drastic measures to put a message across. 50 radicals hijacked 5 Tridian weapon shipments and used them to infiltrate their defense cause havoc. In a 3 day action the radicals destroyed approx. $1.7 million worth of technology, facility, and weaponry before being apprehended.

Tridian had taken this gross overreaction as no more than a sign of war, hold Rykus 5 100% responsible for the independent movement.

They began a full scale war and this begins our tale?